Capturing and Sharing Student Learning, Reflections, Goal Setting, and Ways to Move Forward

Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

I really like Fresh Grade because is a simple way to capture student learning in real time. The iOS app makes it easy for me and my students to add to their portfolio during our class time. I love how easy it is to share this documentation with parents in a private way so that they are constantly in the loop with their child's areas of growth and needs for improvement. One hope I have for the product is the ability for parents and students to easily sort the portfolio artifacts to better highlight the growth over time. I'd also love my young learners to be able to add their own voice comments from the student app. I really like how simple it makes the collaboration of teacher, student, and parent happen as a way to ultimately help a student be the best that they can.

How I Use It

Fresh Grade allows me and my k-3 students to upload work in text, images, video, or voice recordings. It allows us to capture the learning as it happens - in real time - and share it along with assessment information in the form of student reflection, teacher reflection, student or teacher learning goals, ways to achieve these goals ( suggestions for students or suggestions for ways parents can help at home) with parents immediately. Fresh Grade allows us to share regular learning progress with families in a private, multi-media way. While my students are young, they are very much involved with their learning journey and are able to use Fresh Grade to share their self-assessments, and set their own personal learning goals. They can also capture and document their learning journey as they work towards achieving those goals.