The digital learning tool teachers have needed for far too long.

Submitted 7 years ago
Mark B.
Mark B.
Education author/consultant
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My Take

Traditional grades misrepresent learning, because they are teacher driven and do not engage students in a conversation. If we deliver parents generic reports with A-F labels, we tell them nothing about achievement. FreshGrade gives teachers the opportunity to share written, audio, and video feedback about what students have truly accomplished, along with actual artifacts in a digital learning environment. FreshGrade is the best feedback/portfolio assessment tool I've ever seen.

How I Use It

FreshGrade allows teachers to share activities and instructions with students and empowers them to take pictures and video of student work, creating a digital portfolio that actually shows students and parents what has been done. Plus, an ongoing conversation is generated with all artifacts and lessons. Parents can see into this "glass classroom," where learning is always transparent.