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Organized research and To-do lists.

This is my go-to application to keep all my notes organized. I no longer keep notes in a notebook. Everything is easily put on Google Keep. In my personal Google Keep associated with my personal gmail account, I use a note for all my recipes. In is easy to keep a note for each recipe that I want to try from the internet. Labeling and the search engine easily bring up a search by ingredients, title, or topic. Google Keep keeps me organized!
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Organize, Collaborate, and Save Yourself Energy with Google Keep!

As a teaching tool, I think Google Keep is a fantastic resource to assist students with organization and collaboration. Whether they are working collaboratively or individually, there are many useful features. I especially like the ability to share across devices and have changes automatically saved, especially since students tend to use multiple devices depending on where they are working. I also love the archive feature because when students accidentally (or on purpose) delete their notes, they are easily recovered. As a teacher, this tool is a lifesaver for me. I have used it to track and organize ideas, keep my many different to do lists, save interesting articles and resources for later, and collaborate with other teachers on projects. I also love the color coding feature because I can easily see what is work related and what is personal. As far as I can tell, there are unlimited labels as well, and I like being able to tag notes using multiple labels. Final note - all of the teachers I have convinced to try this tool have come back to me to tell me how much they love it!
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Get Organized with Google Keep!

I love Google Keep. It ties in with my Google Account and is always available and easy to use. It is simple. Students can take simple notes and share them with others or convert them to a Google Document with a click. Sharing notes for Literature groups or Science Lab partners is great. There are many ways students can use notes in class and for their own use. My only con is that there is not "rich text". Keep lacks bullets, numbering, bold, italics, etc... With this said, it does offer so much more: reminders (including time and location notifications), checkboxes, color coding, and notes that are sharable are the highlights.
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Sticky notes for sharing, keeping and collaborating

I was an Evernote user for note-taking and sharing. I have now completely switched to Google Keep. I love the integration with Google and cannot say enough great things about it.
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Shareable, portable, free organizable notepad!

This is a great tool for storing and referencing information on the fly. Using the app on any devices is great and the collaboration aspect is a plus. The ability to use recording and images gives this app/tool another dimension in note-taking. I recommended this tool.
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Google Keep keeps me keepin' on!

I believe that Google Keep is a no-brainer to use, especially if you are someone that works in a Google Apps for Education district. An app that is free and can be used across platforms and devices for note-taking, peer collaboration, and professional development purposes.
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Need a sticky note? Try Google Keep for Digital Sticky notes you can access from anywhere!

Google Keep is a great tool to use in real-life to work on executive functioning, like organization/time-management. The sharing component allows more people to work through tasks for a project or to keep others informed of individual progress. I think this tool is great for teaching organization/time-management to students. However, I don't know that I have found a way to utilize for instruction/engagement.
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Google Keep up the Great Research

I have taught research to students both in a library classroom as well as in individual subject classrooms for over 13 years. This is one of the best tools I have found to introduce students to the concept of research, organization and note taking. It is simple and easy to use and doesn’t require any special knowledge. The tool is available anywhere there is an internet connection (so no more leaving notes at home or at school.) Conducting research projects has never been easier for me, even in the inclusion room the students were able to use Google Keep to take notes on their specific Greek God and turn their information into sentences to be put on a poster. Using Google Keep made it easy for them, and they were able to concentrate on the skill of collecting information, not having to write it down and worry about where it is. This is definitely the way to go with beginners!
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Create collaborative, cloud-based tasks and to-do lists!

This is a great tool to help build responsibility in collaborative structures and for completion of tasks. I like how you can create shared "to do" lists, and track completion of tasks visually.
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Google Keep is the simplest to-do and organisational product out there

Simplicity is the thing that makes Keep so appealing. In my personal life I prefer things like Evernote, but keep goes wherever you go and takes virtually no set up. It's perfect for students.
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