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Kami is horribly slow and a horrid resource without proper optimization

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Kami is King in my classroom!

Like all EdTech tools, in order to effectively use Kami in meaningful ways in your classroom, you have to take some time to play with it. Push all the buttons, see what each thing is and how it can help your lessons. In my previous teaching position, I was a self-contained teacher, teaching all core subjects to my students all day, every day. I needed a tool that I could teach my students to use and have it work with ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Kami does, and it does it very well. My previous district purchased the premium version for teachers, and it made a big difference in its versatility and effectiveness in the classroom. Where I am teaching now, I currently don't have access to a printer. I have to save things as a PDF and email to other staff members who are connected to a printer. With Kami, I am able to upload it into Google Classroom easily, and continue with class without needing others to print things for me. Love it!
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I use it for everything!

It is worth the money. I got my district to purchase it.
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Kami for the Win!!!

Please read above. I love it!! I hope they add a feature to be able to circle and area on the screen that I want my kids to focus in on (like a disappearing cursor.) This is not a dealbreaker!
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Amazing paperless resource with great features!

Overall, this resource is good for annotating and organizing information. You can also annotate with other students on the same document, which is helpful for interacting and learning at the same time. Being able too communicate with others on a document is a fun and efficient way of getting work done.
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Great way to annotate pdfs in a paperless way!

I really like how this allows students to annotate pdf's in any way that they like. I feel like it's easy to use and a very practical way to bring technology in the classroom.
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Kami is a wonderful tool that allows you to interact with a text as if you were using paper and pencil. During remote instruction, it was really helpful in highlighting the text, making notes in the margins, annotations, drawings, diagrams, and more!

I like that Kami is a tool that you can easily access through a simple link or Google Chrome extension. It's really helpful to be able to annotate and analyze a text without having to resort to the traditional paper and pencil method. You can suit it to your needs and choose from a variety of fonts, colors, highlighters, and more! I liked that it is really easy to create text boxes wherever you need so that you can make notes on the text or worksheet, which is so convenient and doesn't deal with annoying formatting. You can even add multiple blanked or line pages to make your file longer if you need more room! It's just like any notebook or worksheet, and it's only a few clicks away.
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Works really well and has schoology integration.

It was cool.
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Go paperless and make your lessons more engaging!

It has been a lifesaver during remote instruction, but I will continue to use it and go almost paperless when normal instruction resumes. I will use it whenever I want the students to explain concepts or make corrections and whenever I want to provide additional or remote instruction on an activity. Kami is the most useful teaching tool I've encountered in my 29 years of teaching.
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Awesome interactive document annotation tool. So many uses in class!

I think its a great tool, it has been a life saver for my school during 2020. I like it because it actually facilitates collaboration and real time feedback, students like it because it is an engaging platform. Besides that, they have a great support team, specially useful when a school is trying to implement new educational technologies.
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