Kami is King in my classroom!

Submitted 1 year ago
Samantha I.
Samantha I.
Special education teacher
Trivium Academy
Carrollton TX, US
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My Take

Like all EdTech tools, in order to effectively use Kami in meaningful ways in your classroom, you have to take some time to play with it. Push all the buttons, see what each thing is and how it can help your lessons. In my previous teaching position, I was a self-contained teacher, teaching all core subjects to my students all day, every day. I needed a tool that I could teach my students to use and have it work with ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Kami does, and it does it very well. My previous district purchased the premium version for teachers, and it made a big difference in its versatility and effectiveness in the classroom. Where I am teaching now, I currently don't have access to a printer. I have to save things as a PDF and email to other staff members who are connected to a printer. With Kami, I am able to upload it into Google Classroom easily, and continue with class without needing others to print things for me. Love it!

How I Use It

Most recently, I used Kami in a small group collaborative math lesson for 7th graders. We digitally shared a copy of a set of 2 step equations, divided up the problems among the students, and completed the assignment easily. It was my first time sharing a Kami document with the class; usually I assign individual copies of the work in Kami, which is great for differentiation of assignments. Kami works seamlessly with Google Classroom, which made it easy to share with my students. Love Kami!