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Traduce simple y aprende a comunicarte rápidamente

Los alumnos utilizamos al hacer un ingles técnico, a cuando arreglamos las maquinas o queremos traducir alguna codificación o alguna pagina de algunos programas, ellos están fascinados con esta herramienta que alienta el aprendizaje e interés en la música de otros idiomas y traducirlos
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Provides a way when there is often not a way.

In previous years, when we had students arrive with literally no English, there would be little in way of options for core subjects to get important instruction to those students without the aid of interpretation or ESL teacher, especially for foreign languages other than Spanish, which is more common. When there was no interpreter, there were no options. With Google Translate, all that is needed is a device with wifi/internet and a student becomes self-sufficient and can be included in the learning along with classmates. It may not be a spot-on interpretation but it is enough to get the gist of the instruction and may also aid in speeding up the comprehension of English in an immersive classroom environment.
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Google Translate - Beneficial for all students

Google Translate is easy to use in the classroom through simple lessons such as translating a menu or writing a paper. It is an excellent tool for students to use to check their work and make sure they are interpreting the language correctly. This is also great when working with any ESL or ELL students who are having difficulties communicating. Students can use Google Translate at all levels of learning a new language. The app is easy to use for any age and skill level. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting a supplement to learning a new language.
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Wise premise, but other sites offer better results (at least in Spanish)

Overall, google translate is not my preferred online dictionary for Spanish to English translations. Instead, I much rather send my students to as it only allows one word translations, offers conjugation assistance, and suggests different words based on specific use, dialect, and region. Finally, also has grammar guides which can be helpful for students and teachers alike. I think google translate could better serve kids by providing some of these types of services, particularly more etymological information about the words that it is translating as students may come across or desire to use words that are outdated or simply not used in the general lexicon of the language they are learning. Basically, I think that google translate needs to move away from direct in and out translation and instead allow students to use a little critical thinking to appropriately decipher a sentence or construct one of their own.
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Transformative but Dangerous!

Overall, I like it and I recommend it. Just be wary of using it exclusively, or of your ENL students getting addicted to it!
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Ice breaker for ELLs

It's great for an icebreaker type activity as I described above. However, there are many many inaccuracies in the translations, and some students constantly rely on this and copy from this and it's just wrong.
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Great tool for quick communication!

This is a great tool for a quick translation to communicate with students. It has helped me greatly to communicate with my ELL students that have a basic understanding of the English language. At times it struggles with accuracy and somethings are, "lost in translation"!
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Simple, effective, and a necessity!

If I had to use one word to describe how I feel about this product, it would be AWESOME! I knew that Google had a translator, but never stopped to explore it. This tool is a friend for all pedagogues who sometimes experience frustration teaching language learners. With Google Translator, students have the opportunity to be involved in the same activities as the other students. While teachers still have the challenge of teaching the concepts, students do not have to be left out.
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Handy tool for connecting with non-English speakers

While Google Translate may not be wholly accurate (and at times very inaccurate) it is a great resource to have to help connect with non-English speakers. When a child feels isolated due to a language barrier a simple conversation based on Google Translate can be a great way to bring them out of their shell, especially if the translation is bad and elicits a chuckle.
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