Handy tool for connecting with non-English speakers

Submitted 9 years ago
Chris C.
Chris C.
Heathcote School
Scarsdale NY, US
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While Google Translate may not be wholly accurate (and at times very inaccurate) it is a great resource to have to help connect with non-English speakers. When a child feels isolated due to a language barrier a simple conversation based on Google Translate can be a great way to bring them out of their shell, especially if the translation is bad and elicits a chuckle.

How I Use It

I've used Google Translate in 2 main ways:
1) to search simple words and phrases so I can better communicate with students who don't speak English.
2) to show students with limited English skills the differences & difficulties in translating one language to another (has helped students when they point our errors in Google's translations, gives them a boost of confidence that they can "correct Google").

The "voice" option is great too (not available for all languages) to help students who have limited reading skills in either their native language or English.