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Great History Site for Middle School Students

Overall the tool is great. I do like how the lay out history from the "big history" perspective. The one thing that I would change if I could would be the way that handouts and work is provided. Right now I have to download it to Google doc and resave it for my students to write in the assignments. I wish it could be more digital and interactive where they can complete the work within the site instantly without all the workarounds. Other than that, I believe it's an excellent tool.
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Great teaching for any subject

It is pretty nice But I would like more SEL Lessons overall it is pretty good For SEL or any subject
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Looking at the big picture using Big History

This teaching tool provides useful information that I can currently use with the instructional framework my district has implemented for us to utilize. I like how each unit starts with a driving question that covers the information that will be taught in the unit and what students should be able to answer at the end of the unit. There are some units that do not fit in the standards our state does not require, but the information addressed within the pacing guide for content that the standards I need to teach is helpful. One area of concern I have implementing is the varied student levels I have usually have in my class, many of the students that struggle with reading, comprehension, and other literacy skills may have a difficult time with some of the content.
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Pick and Choose Resources to Lay Foundational Middle School Skills

As the name states, Big History is a great resource for helping students tackle big questions. The curriculum pulls together thematic resources from various civilizations to help students investigate important concepts like how humans populated the globe or how trade networks developed. Since I teach middle school, a lot of the material is too advanced. I like introducing students to this sort of thinking, though, and many of the resources are leveled. My class - mostly ancient civilizations with some modern connections - doesn't lend itself to the entire course (which would be awesome to teach), so I pick and choose.
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Great as an anchor/inquiry based learning activity

I love that this site is Gamified, and that students are exposed to 'big themes' or 'Thresholds' in a cross-curricular way. Great as a way to extend learning. Wish there were no login--as this caps my use to 13 and over.
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Online course that integrates science and history to put the history of mankind in a cosmic perspective.

I'm a big fan of Big History, and I've taught it for two years. I enjoy the interdisciplinary nature of the course, how it integrates the humanities and sciences. Much of what students learn in school is fragmented into different silos. Math, biology, chemistry, history are taught as completely unrelated subjects. Big History, however, shows how earlier thresholds in the history of the universe have led to the modern revolution we are experiencing today. Big History is also aligned to the CCSS. Through document-based "Investigations" in each unit, students learn to make claims and support their claims with evidence. My team teacher and I agree that Big History has helped improve our students' writing abilities. By the end of the year, our 9th graders know how to use and cite quotations and specific facts to support their claims.
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