Looking at the big picture using Big History

Submitted 4 years ago
Jaimie H.
Jaimie H.
Southwest High School
Jacksonville NC, US
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My Take

This teaching tool provides useful information that I can currently use with the instructional framework my district has implemented for us to utilize. I like how each unit starts with a driving question that covers the information that will be taught in the unit and what students should be able to answer at the end of the unit. There are some units that do not fit in the standards our state does not require, but the information addressed within the pacing guide for content that the standards I need to teach is helpful. One area of concern I have implementing is the varied student levels I have usually have in my class, many of the students that struggle with reading, comprehension, and other literacy skills may have a difficult time with some of the content.

How I Use It

This is great idea to help students think out of the box and understand historical concepts. Teaching history by concept is something that my district has implemented and it helps students recognize patterns of history, identify causes and effects of events, and analyze historical data to compare/contrast historical events. This tool will help supplement what is already occurring in the classroom while fostering student engagement as well as focusing on student literacy, comprehension, and critical thinking skills.