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Great Shape Resource for Primary Students!

This is an excellent free resource for a kindergarten classroom. Students can apply their knowledge about shapes and be creative when doing so. By smashing this app with other apps you can move this app from substitution to augmentation or modification.
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Online Interactive Bridges Math Support

Having the same Geoboard available for both tablets and desktop computers makes this app an valuable part of our Math curriculum. I like how the tablet version and website version are the same, so students can easily transfer their knowledge between mobile devices and computers with little or no reteaching required.
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Great replacement with no rubber bands

Mostly serves as a replacement for geoboards, but the ability to duplicate and rotate could be helpful for learning tesselations, and taking screenshots could help students better understand their work.
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One of my favorite math apps!

Great app and MUST have!
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A free geoboard app to use in your classroom. No rubberbands!

I like it because I don't have to do the talk on safety with rubber-bands. I also don't have to worry about missing pieces. It's also easier for Kindergartners to use than the real geoboards. It can be scaffolded to use with lower students as well as expanded for use with higher level students.
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Convenient app, but doesn't add anything new from the old geoboards.

I like how convenient this is to use, but it doesn't necessarily deepen the instruction. My students are engaged because it is on the iPad, but they were always engaged with the traditional geoboards as well. Since it is a free app, there really isn't any reason not to use it, but I wouldn't say that it is an amazing tool that I have to have in my classroom.
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Geoboard is a great addition to Geometry activities in grades K-6.

Geoboard takes the "old" geoboard/rubber bands and converts them into a digital resource. This is a great example of how technology ENHANCES the curriculum. Geoboard will not benefit students without the good, quality lesson in place first. Geoboard can be used by multiple grade levels to enhance lessons dealing with the creation/learning of shapes to the decomposition/composition of shapes.
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Fun, interactive digital version of the old school geoboard

This is an engaging simple app of the old school geoboard. Students just love it! It can be used with just about any geometric concept: area, perimeter, angles, polygons, etc. It can even be used for fractions.
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