Convenient app, but doesn't add anything new from the old geoboards.

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

I like how convenient this is to use, but it doesn't necessarily deepen the instruction. My students are engaged because it is on the iPad, but they were always engaged with the traditional geoboards as well. Since it is a free app, there really isn't any reason not to use it, but I wouldn't say that it is an amazing tool that I have to have in my classroom.

How I Use It

Instead of replacing the rubber bands and broken pegs on the geoboards I have in my classroom, I have students open this app. They all have iPads on their desks for math anyway, so it is quicker to open this up rather than pull out the old geoboards. They have to create shapes according to certain characteristics that I initially give, and then that they determine in small groups (create a polygon with 5 sides, or create a symmetrical shape).