Great Shape Resource for Primary Students!

Submitted 5 years ago
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This is an excellent free resource for a kindergarten classroom. Students can apply their knowledge about shapes and be creative when doing so. By smashing this app with other apps you can move this app from substitution to augmentation or modification.

How I Use It

The geoboard app is simply a digital version of the actual Geoboard and Rubberband resource. I introduce this app during our two-dimensional shapes unit at the beginning of the year. My young kindergarten students are able to grasp how to use the app in one lesson. This app allows students to all be engaged in creating shapes during whole group instruction without having to have rubber bands all over the classroom. Students also use this app for independent work and play. My students often choose to create on this app when they have free choice tech time. Students can create a picture using shapes, save the picture and smash the app in PicCollage or Seesaw. Here they can label their pictures or provide verbal descriptions of the shapes they have created.

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