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Great bridge into using Garageband to make music.

I like how visual the website is and how easy it is to understand dragging and dropping. A con is that the animation of the people on the site is men without their shirts on at first, but it is not graphic by any means and I do not find it inappropriate. My students always love using Incredibox and often choose it at home. I found it was a wonderful visual and engaging way to represent musical parts.
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A great website to help students practice some basic interactive whiteboard skills while supporting student creativity.

Incredibox is a creative tool that can help enhance the experience of using technology in the classroom. It is also a great resource for when the students need a break or come back from lunch with a little too much energy.
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Engaging game for young kids...Incredibox is incredible!

Again, love the tool. My parents also love the program. Students always go home really excited about using it and that excitement spills over into their home environment. I think the app is perfect for elementary students but could see this program getting boring for older students. The program just released version 4. It is really fun and engaging for my young students.
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Incredibox is a tool to help students visualize how music is layered.

Incredibox doesn't teach music notation or improvisation. It is a good building block for teaching structure. The options will engage students.
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Create and remix your own beats in a visual and engaging way

This tool is more of a student engagement and exploration resource. Not a lot of strong connections to content. It encourages students to play in a productive way. I don't use this as direct or guided instruction, rather as a resource for student enrichment.
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Entertaining way to teach students about creating patterns in music.

I think that if I were teaching this topic in music, it would be a great teaching tool. I could see using it with the whole class, in groups, and with individual students depending on the availability of technology since flash is required. I think the students would be motivated to use this as a tool compared to other methods that might be used to tea b this topic.
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