Great bridge into using Garageband to make music.

Submitted 6 years ago
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My Take

I like how visual the website is and how easy it is to understand dragging and dropping. A con is that the animation of the people on the site is men without their shirts on at first, but it is not graphic by any means and I do not find it inappropriate. My students always love using Incredibox and often choose it at home. I found it was a wonderful visual and engaging way to represent musical parts.

How I Use It

I used incredibox to introduce my students to using different kinds of music before using Garageband. My students are generally non-readers so the options in Garageband can be overwhelming. Incredibox cuts the options down to beats, voices, melodies, and effects. By having students use Incredibox to mix and match sounds - they had an easier time with choosing certain sounds when moving into Garageband. I also love Incredibox to support students learning how to drag and drop with the mouse. It is instant and gratifying feedback for successfully dragging and dropping. The best part as a teacher, no matter what combination of sounds you choose - it always is pleasing on the ear!