A great website to help students practice some basic interactive whiteboard skills while supporting student creativity.

Submitted 8 years ago
Lionel B.
Lionel B.
Director of Elementary School Computer Science Academics
K–12 district
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Incredibox is a creative tool that can help enhance the experience of using technology in the classroom. It is also a great resource for when the students need a break or come back from lunch with a little too much energy.

How I Use It

Incredibox is not an educational website in the traditional sense. It is a music mixing website that uses a unique interface for students to compose a one of a kind song. Teachers can use the website to introduce procedures for activities involving an interactive whiteboard such as the Smart Board. Students can practice choosing from beats, effects, melodies and voices where they drag the object to a character. Teachers can create simple activities for following directions, sequencing and patterns while learning how to appropriately use the whiteboard.