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Gets students moving and gives them a quick break!

I think this is a great tool to gives students a chance to give their brains a break and have some movement. Sitting at a desk all day can be difficult for many students so GoNoodle allows them to get up and move around. When each video starts, it tells the viewer what the purpose of that video is. Students know what to expect and can follow the video. This website has videos that show different subjects so teachers can decide what video applies to the lesson they are teaching and use it to have fun with their students.
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Use video segments as needed to augment lesson plans!

This tool is fun, exciting and incorporates both visual and auditory stimuli to engage young viewers.
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Get Kids Moving, Teach Social Emotional Skills, Build Relationships, and tap into your Inner Child! Fun and Effective Learning!

It is a great tool to supplement your teaching and get students involved. The students love it so much that you can even use it as an incentive for making good choices. When your class is having a difficult time with engagement its a great energizer to get kids more engaged. The fun songs and activities are a great way to assist the children in learning and retaining the information within a particular content area.
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I love gonoodle and so do my students! It's perfect for inside recess or a brain break and I love how it gets my students up and moving!

I love gonoodle because there are so many things that can be found on it. It's a great tool for brain breaks and it also helps students learn at the same time!
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I LOVE GoNoodle!

I love Go Noodle! I wouldn't say it is as academic as it is fun. It does have academic content, but it can be distracting with how fun it is. I use it more for an award or brain break than I do for teaching. It is a great way to get students moving. I love how easy it is for teachers to use and how safe it is. I never have to worry that something inappropriate will pop up! If you haven't tried it yet, you need to check it out!
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GoNoodle is a great site for the students and teacher!

In my opinion GoNoodle does a great job. They keep the music up to date, they make the movements fun and they offer it to teachers for free. The students need the variety of ways to learn and GoNoodle offers exercise, music and movement. They do a great job of keeping the site simple to use and the students love watching the mascot grow as you play more videos and level up.
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Fun Interactive Tool For All!!

This is an excellent source for brain breaks. We all need one sometimes!
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I absolutely love GoNoodle and so do my students!!! I use this site in my classroom on a weekly basis. This program has a ton of different activities that you can do to get your students moving and exercising.

I love GoNoodle. I think this product is a great way to get kids up and moving in the classroom. It is nice to use on inside recess days because not much space is required. I would highly recommend this site to other teachers. I think students from preschool all the way up to 6th grade would find the activities fun and engaging. I like how the students can pick a character and earn points for each activity that they do. As the students earn points their character is taken to the transmorgifier and made bigger and better for the next round of activities. After so many times in the the transmorgifier the students max out their character. As that point the students get a printout of the character and they have a spot to write what they have learned. The students then get to pick another character. The songs are academic/core related so I can have them do a guided dance and learn about counting to 100 by 5's or learn about nouns/verbs. I highly recommend GoNoodle.
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Love using this for engaging all types of learners!

I like that there are a variety of different types of videos for different purposes all on one site. This site could serve us better by including more educational videos rather than so many silly videos. It also looks like some of the Go Noodle videos on Youtube are not on the Go Noodle site. So, I wish they would keep all of their old videos on the site.
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Love GoNoodle!

GoNoodle is a good tool for a quick active brain break activity. When weather conditions do not allow for outdoor recess, it provides an opportunity for students to get active in the classroom. It can be use through the website or an app. There are videos to appeal to different ages.
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