I absolutely love GoNoodle and so do my students!!! I use this site in my classroom on a weekly basis. This program has a ton of different activities that you can do to get your students moving and exercising.

Submitted 4 years ago
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I love GoNoodle. I think this product is a great way to get kids up and moving in the classroom. It is nice to use on inside recess days because not much space is required. I would highly recommend this site to other teachers. I think students from preschool all the way up to 6th grade would find the activities fun and engaging. I like how the students can pick a character and earn points for each activity that they do. As the students earn points their character is taken to the transmorgifier and made bigger and better for the next round of activities. After so many times in the the transmorgifier the students max out their character. As that point the students get a printout of the character and they have a spot to write what they have learned. The students then get to pick another character. The songs are academic/core related so I can have them do a guided dance and learn about counting to 100 by 5's or learn about nouns/verbs. I highly recommend GoNoodle.

How I Use It

I use GoNoodle in my first grade classroom on a weekly basis. It is designed for small spaces, so I am able to do this with my students without having to move their desks or other furniture. They have indoor recess activities, yoga activities, guided dance and many more. It is set up in a way to keep the students engaged. I use this to get my students up and moving after we have been sitting and working for awhile. It is a great way to give the students a quick break and get the re-energized.