GoNoodle is a great site for the students and teacher!

Submitted 4 years ago
Kerri R.
Kerri R.
Copper Canyon Elementary School
Tooele UT, US
My Rating

My Take

In my opinion GoNoodle does a great job. They keep the music up to date, they make the movements fun and they offer it to teachers for free. The students need the variety of ways to learn and GoNoodle offers exercise, music and movement. They do a great job of keeping the site simple to use and the students love watching the mascot grow as you play more videos and level up.

How I Use It

My students love GoNoodle. It helps the students learn by using movement. The students love the dances and guided practice. I use it as a brain break, a classroom reward and an indoor activity. They always look forward to it and the always want more.