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An idea mapping tool with collaboration

The tool is useful for exploration of how mind-mapping works. As the instructor maps out a project, the flow of the work is outlined and additional details can be realized. So, the map helps the instructor to understand the requirements of the project. The collaboration between students would realize the true value of the application. However, the company is changing the business model, which makes it difficult to adopt. This is a relatively new direction made in the Summer of 2014. When using the free account you can expect to see the following message often: "This is a Professional feature". The pricing ranges from $36/year per user to $180/year per 25 users. This means you can still share your mind map with your students by providing their email addresses, but you cannot make your mind map public and use advanced features.
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Online graphic organizer that allows collaboration with team mates.

Mindomo is an online mind mapping graphic organizer that is fairly easy to use. Users are able to add topics and subtopics as they organize thoughts and ideas, as well as, change the theme of the mind map, background, and color schemes, which allows the user to personalize the graphic organizer. Objects placed in the graphic organizer are able to be moved around the work space and relationships are able to be added between any objects. One of the best features of Mindomo is that users are able to share the graphic organizer with other users. Other users are able to simply view the organizer or can be added as an editor. This feature allows teams to work together to create a plan for a project together and does not require them all to be in one place. This is an essential piece to good planning for a group project! Mindomo is also available in many formats. I first discovered Mindomo when it was just a website, but it is now available as an app for Android and iPad, along with an app for Google Chrome.
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