Online graphic organizer that allows collaboration with team mates.

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Mindomo is an online mind mapping graphic organizer that is fairly easy to use. Users are able to add topics and subtopics as they organize thoughts and ideas, as well as, change the theme of the mind map, background, and color schemes, which allows the user to personalize the graphic organizer. Objects placed in the graphic organizer are able to be moved around the work space and relationships are able to be added between any objects.
One of the best features of Mindomo is that users are able to share the graphic organizer with other users. Other users are able to simply view the organizer or can be added as an editor. This feature allows teams to work together to create a plan for a project together and does not require them all to be in one place. This is an essential piece to good planning for a group project!
Mindomo is also available in many formats. I first discovered Mindomo when it was just a website, but it is now available as an app for Android and iPad, along with an app for Google Chrome.

How I Use It

Organizing your thoughts and ideas is an essential beginning for a good project. Mindomo is a great way to get started. Students at our school use it for individual and group projects. In group projects, students are able to access the same mind map and move the topics around the work space to organize the information in a way that makes sense for their projects. From there, they are also able to divide the work for the project and organize the information so that all members know what they are responsible for. Being available in different formats has allowed students to access Mindomo in the format they are most comfortable with without losing any of the functionality.
The controls and commands for Mindomo are fairly straight forward and easy to use. My students have been able to pick it up very easily without much confusion or issues.
Finished mind maps can also be shown in a presentation format, similar to Prezi or Powerpoint, by adding slides and dragging over the topics you want to focus on.
We have had great success using Mindomo to plan our projects!

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