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Great Communication Tool

I believe that this is a great tool that can allow for communication between students. Through this tool, it can be a beneficial space for students. As this tool is free, it can be used as needed in the classroom.
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A good communication software

For educators and students, Google Meet serves as a great platform for remote learning. Teachers can conduct online classes, share educational materials, and collaborate with students in real-time. It's a very versatile software that is beneficial for beginner and experienced collaboration software users.
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Easy to work and reliable

Google Meet is a video conferencing platform that allows users to connect with others in real-time. The software is user-friendly and provides a range of features, such as screen sharing and chat messaging. Google Meet is ideal for remote learning, virtual meetings, and online events. Overall, I would rate Google Meet highly for its ease of use and reliability.
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Reliable and Accessible!

Google Meet is a great video conferencing tool. Its accessibility and reliability are something that stands out. The platform can be accessed through any device which adds to its ease of use. It also offers a variety of features that make collaboration possible. Some of these features include screen sharing. This makes it possible to collaborate on presentations, documents, and any other useful material. Real-time collaboration is also a great feature of this tool because participants can collaborate through a chat or even whiteboards. Finally, I find the recording feature for various reasons. These recordings can be used by students for later reference which allows students to learn at their own pace. It is also helpful for people who are not able to access the meeting at the time it occurred so it makes it possible for them to access the meeting when they are able to.
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Great distance-learning resource.

This product allows the teacher to share their screen to the whole class so that a full-class presentation can be made. It also facilitates questions by individual students. Each student can present their work to the whole class as well.
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Great interactive App to speak face to face with your students!

My overall opinion is that it is an excellent tool for asynchronous or blended learning. It allows students, teachers and parents to be connected and allows communication, promoting learning. My students benefit from having conversations in the target language with me through a video conference. It is very user friendly and it is free. Students can add an App for Hangouts which help them chat and video conference as well.
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Versatile tool for student and world communication and collaboration

This teaching tool is exceptional once you get the "hang" of it. You can access engaging experts across the world to add to your classroom curriculum. This is also very useful for a "flipped" classroom model, or for traditional, , since students can reach out after school to their peers or teacher for reteaching, ,homework assistance, or group collaboration. Students can also access web resources through hangouts. This can also be a portal in the classroom for peers to work together without sitting together. Teachers can use hangouts to teach students about digital citizenship and safety as well. There are some fun gimicks on the side such as built in costumes that can be applied to self or others on video chat. These can be distractors, so teachers need to be prepared to scaffold the usage up front.
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My Sophomore Class had the first online debate ( in history) on Google Hangout!

This was a wonderful experience for my students. It was very easy to set up. I did have a lot of support from our IT staff. The students loved the experience. This activity inspired my students to begin a forensic and debate team on our campus.
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Great tool to offer discussion and bring new voices into the classroom.

I think the idea of the Google Hangout is a great tool. Much like Skype, but due to it's creator, is super efficient in sharing documents in the process so there is live feedback and integration of the document, with conversation. The downside of this product was not due to it's own faults, but due to our district turning off the access to Google Hangouts on the student's Google Apps for Education accounts. This limited the amount of members in the Hangout to those who had their own Google accounts and I was able to invite those students into the Hangout. If you are using the iPads for students to use the hangout, use the app, much more efficient. Macbook or Chromebook, no issues unless the camera breaks. What would also be helpful is if you have a microphone so students towards the back of the room don't have to yell to be heard.
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Students like the cute monster avatars, and I like the random student-selection tool.

For elementary and junior high school teachers, I can see how it may be used on a daily basis, but in a high school setting I intentionally spread out the use of it. As a high school teacher, I use it for selecting students for presenting information, reviewing information, or for responding to on-demand learning reflection questions.
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