Versatile tool for student and world communication and collaboration

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

This teaching tool is exceptional once you get the "hang" of it. You can access engaging experts across the world to add to your classroom curriculum.

This is also very useful for a "flipped" classroom model, or for traditional, , since students can reach out after school to their peers or teacher for reteaching, ,homework assistance, or group collaboration. Students can also access web resources through hangouts.

This can also be a portal in the classroom for peers to work together without sitting together.

Teachers can use hangouts to teach students about digital citizenship and safety as well. There are some fun gimicks on the side such as built in costumes that can be applied to self or others on video chat. These can be distractors, so teachers need to be prepared to scaffold the usage up front.

How I Use It

I used Google Hangouts 3 ways:
1.) Students used a hangout w/ typing and video to collaborate in class and were able to incorporate other tools such as screen capture. Students could collaborate from different classrooms either locally or over distance. Video teaconnection with 10, non-video up to 100 people. The draw feature allows collaboration on graphic organizers and supports ELL and SWD students.
2.) We were able to use Hangouts to host experts from relevant fields to share their expertise with students.
3. ) Adding your student roster to Hangouts allows them to contact you or friends outside of the classroom for homework support, or group collaboration.