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This source is an effective tool for teachers to share their ideas amongst themselves.

This is a very useful tool for teachers to promote different types of learning for their students. Obviously, every student learns in a different way, and this source allows for all teachers to collaborate and share their lesson plans in order to cater to their students learning type. The website is very easy to navigate in order to find all of the different resources offered throughout it. There are a wide variety of lesson plans offered on this source and the creators' overall aim is for inclusivity in the classroom.
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Visual teaching with practical examples.

Teaching tool
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Great Teacher Resource for Lessons Connected to Common Core

Better Lesson is an excellent resource for all levels of teachers. It is organized clearly with sound materials connected to standards. The lessons are complete and broken into steps that can easily be adjusted to various classrooms. One suggestion would be to have a separate bank of rubrics for each of the standards.
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BetterLesson? We Think You’d Better Listen To It!

BetterLesson is a website that archives over 10,000 Common Core aligned lessons created by over 130 master teachers. Each lesson addresses specific Common Core standards, and veteran teachers vet each lesson. I have no concerns fore using this site. I often question how “expert” expert teachers are, given the motivations of the organization to legitimize itself in the eyes of the visiting public. That being said, the lessons that I did explore were uniformly superior compared to the “average” free lesson plan out there. The lessons were robust, and tied to the Common Core in logical, detailed, and clear ways. The committment and learning curve are low! Follow the link, sign up in seconds, and set the defaults to automatically pull up only those resources that match your teaching load. Until mind reading devices are invented, I cannot think of an easier process flow. The cost? Free! Suitable for all K-12 grade levels Website Link:
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Needs some organization but a great resource!

I really like the variety of resources, the ability to review and see reviews of the resources, and that a lot of the lessons come with a video of the teacher who created them explaining the lesson. My problem with the site is that sometimes I get frustrated because I may teach a larger block than the teacher who is providing their lesson so their lesson is broken up into multiple lessons (parts). This wouldn't be an issue if it was easier to find the other parts. Sometimes I'll spend a few minutes just to find part 2 even though I have parts 1 and 3.
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A Plethora of Quality Lessons

This site has a lot of lessons that are teacher-created.The lessons employ a variety of instructional strategies that support all types of learners. There is a consistent template structure because all lessons are classroom ready and aligned to common core standards.
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Excellent lessons and lesson ideas, easy to understand, easy to implement.

I prefer the format of BetterLesson over other lesson resource sites that I have used. Lessons are easy to understand and written in a format that makes them easy to adapt for my own use. The site is not as populated as I would hope, but new lessons are being posted all the time. I liked that these are solid lessons, not just "print 'em and use 'em" one-shots. I like those too, but I prefer lessons that can really impact my classroom in the long term. I would like to see the content standards for lessons be divided between what standards the lesson focuses on and what standards are touched on secondarily. For example, when searching for grammar and mechanics lessons, your results will feature a variety of lessons as many Language lessons touch on those standards but they are not the primary focus of the lesson. This is really a complaint of mine for all lesson plan sites, but it would be a way for BetterLesson to set themselves apart. Another feature of BetterLesson that I enjoy is that you can look at an individual teacher's submissions. You can view their unit plans and get an idea for how they run their classroom throughout the year. This organization of the submissions is unique to BetterLesson and I truly enjoy it. Overall, I plan to continue to mine BetterLesson for resources and ideas for my classroom and look forward to seeing how the site grows.
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Organized website with plently of lesson ideas that are directly connected to standards.

Great website especially for English Language Arts lesson plans and resources.
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Ready made math and ELA curricula & lesson plans for all grades

Better lessons is constantly being upgraded (which is a good thing) and features master teachers with vast classroom experience and their lessons. Right now it only features math and ELA lessons and curricula. Lessons are often very specific and the quality of the lessons vary vastly.
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A great website for free lesson planning resources!

Better Lesson is a great teaching tool to build up or increase a repertoire of teaching ideas and activities to assist in differentiation as well as lesson planning. I have found that many of the lessons or even parts of lessons the Master Teachers have uploaded are very useful.for my classes. I also like the community feedback option, in which teachers can ask questions they may have about pieces of the lesson plans. As with most planning resources, teachers can take what works for their own students or modify as necessary.
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