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Not helpful at all in the slighest. Doesn't help learning or learning from mistakes.

I dislike it greatly. Wouldn't recommend it full stop to anyone.
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This tool made my life so much easier because I used this as my pre-test and post-test. I was able to directly compare and contrast the data with very little variety in the situation because the questions were presented the EXACT same way, using the same pictures and at the same pace. I was able to upload pictures of the characters from the story easily for questions about character identification. It serves the students well because the technology enhanced the pedagogical information being presented. Throughout the lesson, I presented literary information in a multitude of different ways but the worksheets all corresponded with each other and used similar language and pictures. This assessment allowed me to increase the class's performance because it copied and supported the format that the students were accustomed to while also being manipulated by the teacher. This piece of technology helped augment the entire unit plan because it replaced the need for a paper test. My biggest issue with paper tests is that there is nothing stopping the students from writing all over their paper or filling in answers before they are supposed to start. With Socrative, the students have to move at the teacher's pace and I believe that helps all the students in the classroom because it allows everyone to take time and think about their answer, as opposed to guessing quickly. Overall, I highly suggest the app, even if it is just used for informal assessments because it records all the data, it saves the exams year after year and there are no papers to keep track of. At the very least, it is an amazing time saver. At the most, it allows all the students in the room access to an exam that they can succeed with.
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Great for Quick Formative Assessment

This is a great product for review and for gathering simple formative data. I like that it's quick and easy to use and accessible to the students (they can use any cellular device or access it on school computers or laptops). It's not really a tool I would use for long assessments or rigorous questioning. But when it comes to quick formative review ... this is my go-to!
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Great for quick, formative assessment. Might not be suitable for all students.

I loved how there were many different ways to assess students (general quiz, competition, activities, etc). It adds a technological element to certain classroom practices that would have otherwise a) been done with paper handouts and b) not been able to measure each student's understanding as quickly and effectively. As stated above, cannot be sole form of formative assessment, for some students may not be comfortable in this type of environment. In contrast, I loved that it gave some students who do not feel as comfortable speaking up in class an avenue to express themselves.
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Socrative: Free, easy, and fun

Overall, this is a great application for formative assessments. There are some limitations. First, you cannot assign point to questions. Socrative is binary; the question is either right or wrong. This is useful when deciding how to adjust course curriculum, but I would not use it as a summative assessment tool. It would also not be useful for advanced mathematics since it does not provide an area to show the students work. Socrative is suitable for verbal skills and lower level assessments. I do not see Socrative as a tool to assess intellectual or procedural skills. However, if anyone has used Socrative for these types of assessments, then please provide feedback. As I mentioned above, using Socrative in the classroom saves time and resources. You can also assign teams within Socrative to develop group activities. Where I see Socrative being particularly useful is on field trips. Since it has a very easy to use mobile application, teachers can construct assessments that the students should be able to answer during the field trip experience. For example, while visiting the Marine Corps Museum in Quantico, Virginia last spring, I found myself in a wave of high school students. The students seemed to be guiding themselves through the exhibits. The teacher could have built an assessment ahead of time to ensure that the students were visiting different time-period exhibits in the museum or achieving specific learning objectives. Lastly, this is a very easy tool to use. This is perfect for the technology-hesitant teacher. I am not particularly tech savvy; however, it did not take me very long to master Socrative. In fact, it only took me approximately 15 minutes to figure out how to use it and less than 30 minutes to develop an assessment. This free, easy-to-use tool can be a huge time saver and a fun tool for students.
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This Website is uneducational and should be taken down

It is a very bad website. Do not recommend and I would like for it to be taken off of the web.
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Quick, Easy Assessments

I think this is a great tool to use while teaching. I like that I can create the questions that I want to ask before hand and see the student responses and know that the students are engaged and understanding the content.
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I am currently using this app in one of my college courses and find it very useful! Great form of a formative assessment!

I really like this app and would personally use it in my own classroom. It is quick and easy for both the administrator and students. I think it will engage students because it is on technology and something different from their everyday classroom lives.
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Perfect app to practice English Grammar!

My overall opinion is that Socrative was the best option to give a twist to teaching and practicing English Grammar: my students grew in confidence and accuracy. The Rocket race is amazing since they competed to see who was the first to arrive to the end of the line!. The only problem we experienced was that if they closed the app, they had to start the complete activity again or maybe the app suddently closed itself without further notice. I have to make clear that my students as well as me used our personal cellphones without wifi, just data provided by the hired company for each phone.
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Useful formative assessment tool

It's a great tool for formative assessments. It's easy to create the quiz and I like the different quiz formats (multiple-choice, short response, ranking). You could even add images too which is useful. The space race function is cute and the kids enjoy it. The only thing that's a little cumbersome is when you check your results on the "Launch" page. It's not very straight-forward and so it's a little tricky to run the results quickly. Also, it doesn't tell you how to share the quiz when you first start (you have the kids go to Socrative Students and type in your room name).
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