Great for Quick Formative Assessment

Submitted 4 years ago
Kim C.
Kim C.
District Instructional Technology Coach
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My Take

This is a great product for review and for gathering simple formative data. I like that it's quick and easy to use and accessible to the students (they can use any cellular device or access it on school computers or laptops). It's not really a tool I would use for long assessments or rigorous questioning. But when it comes to quick formative review ... this is my go-to!

How I Use It

I really like Socrative for in-class, whole group questioning. You can either create the questions before the class and have the students answer using an app on their cell phones or from the website on classroom laptops, or you can push out spur of the moment questions on the fly. I like to put the questions on my PowerPoint (or whatever presentation program you use) and then push the questions out using the teacher app on my own phone. I feel like it makes it more seamless integration. But by far, my favorite part of Socrative is the Exit Ticket question. I can push this question out at the end of class to get feedback from the day's objectives! It asks them to tell how well they understood the days material (multiple choice), to explain what they learned today (open-ended), and to answer the question on the board (allowing you to give them a specific question to answer demonstrating their mastery of the content taught that day). It's a great "pulse check" to inform where you should go the following day with the students! You can also use that data to form small groups for stations or group work in future lessons.