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Megan S.
Megan S.
Loyola University Maryland
Baltimore MD, US
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This tool made my life so much easier because I used this as my pre-test and post-test. I was able to directly compare and contrast the data with very little variety in the situation because the questions were presented the EXACT same way, using the same pictures and at the same pace. I was able to upload pictures of the characters from the story easily for questions about character identification. It serves the students well because the technology enhanced the pedagogical information being presented. Throughout the lesson, I presented literary information in a multitude of different ways but the worksheets all corresponded with each other and used similar language and pictures. This assessment allowed me to increase the class's performance because it copied and supported the format that the students were accustomed to while also being manipulated by the teacher.
This piece of technology helped augment the entire unit plan because it replaced the need for a paper test. My biggest issue with paper tests is that there is nothing stopping the students from writing all over their paper or filling in answers before they are supposed to start. With Socrative, the students have to move at the teacher's pace and I believe that helps all the students in the classroom because it allows everyone to take time and think about their answer, as opposed to guessing quickly.
Overall, I highly suggest the app, even if it is just used for informal assessments because it records all the data, it saves the exams year after year and there are no papers to keep track of. At the very least, it is an amazing time saver. At the most, it allows all the students in the room access to an exam that they can succeed with.

How I Use It

I used Socrative while I was student teaching in the first grade classroom. I was analyzing how many of my students were able to identify and determine the differences between the different parts of a story such as the setting, plot, theme/message, characters, problem etc. Socrative allows the teacher to create questions such as multiple choice and true false questions online which can include words and/or pictures for students who have a lower reading level. There was also the option to have the assessment can be paced. I always had my assessments at teacher pace while I read them out loud to the class while the screen was up on the smart board. This allowed the entire class to listen to the words, read the words on their own, and take time to answer the questions instead of rushing through. At the end, all the questions are graded immediately and available for the teacher to review. Not only are the student's overall grades reported but the percentage of how many students got each individual questions right or wrong is also recorded.

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