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A Fantastic Resource

Those who say this is a biased source are sorely misguided. I have students who identify as very conservative who come in daily asking if we are going to watch it. Yes, CNN is a left-leaning source. But Carl and his team do a great job of staying down the middle and just providing the facts. Students stay engaged due to the variety of segments they have and the number of topics covered...and Carl's puns at the end help too! I highly recommend for any classroom. Students need to be more aware of what is going on in the world. This helps them become knowledgeable citizens.
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Great Tool for the Classroom!

Overall, I think it is a great tool for students to use in and outside of the classroom. It is a different way of receiving information rather than reading a long article or just simple post. This reaches into a new type of literacy: technology literacy. For social studies, it can be hard to grad the attention of students and wanting to have a discussion. This provides distinct, clear information for students to understand then present to the class. Also it opens up the door for different ways of learning. Students like watching videos and changing the pace of the class. If students want a written copy of the article, they can go into the CNN website and look at the full. I like the options that are given to student through this site. It allows the students to choose what/ how they want to learn.
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My students love CNN10 in high school government and economics class!

Excellent! Next year I will be teaching world history and plan to use it again at the start of each class!
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Engaging method of teaching current events

Most of my students are engaged and enjoy watching the different stories. I like that the stories vary in topic and subject. The kids really like the 10 Second Trivia.
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We Love CNN 10!

I really enjoy using CNN 10 as a teaching tool in my class because it reinforces some of the topics we are covering in the 6th grade standards. One example is BREXIT. CNN 10 keeps my class updated on what is going on with this situation. I also enjoy that it is made for students rather than adults. It is "kid friendly" and leaves out the adult content. We also do it whole group because the students cannot access it on their one to one chromebooks.
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This offers fantastic, balanced short news segments that my kids can relate to. It is nice that they balance bad news with special interest stories about kids and adults making a difference in the world.

I love that this is available free, with no commercials, to students. I appreciate the way it connects kids to the news in a student friendly format. They love the 10 second trivia and the puns.
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Has political undertones in the broadcast. Not appropriate for school.

It is in appropriate as it requires explanation and discussion of the broadcast which definitely has political undertones.
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Awesome and Entertaining Daily News for Your Kids

Overall, <a href="">I love CNN10</a>. It's short and its entertaining, and it's an engaging way to teach students about the news without having them read a newspaper. While I love newspapers, these can be a barrier for students who struggle with reading. CNN10 has a great breadth of coverage, and students learn about a range of topics - from foreign conflicts, to natural disasters, to domestic politics. My kids also enjoy the trivia questions, and they routinely call out answers when they appear. They groan at the end of the episode when Carl Azuz does his puns, but it's funny nonetheless.
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Great for current events, but definitely preview before watching

CNN Student News is a great tool for introducing students to what is going on in the world around them. However, definitely make sure to preview the 10-minute video before playing it. I teach 6th grade and there have certainly been times when they discuss controversial issues in which I then had to address with my students. Additionally, some clips can be a little graphic. The content is probably designed more for high school so previewing the clip before showing it to the class will allow you to script questions that will deepen understanding.
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Entertaining and informative news for students.

It gets better every year. Provides balanced news that kids enjoy watching. Carl's puns keep them listening to the very end, kids ask to watch the news!
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