We Love CNN 10!

Submitted 4 years ago
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I really enjoy using CNN 10 as a teaching tool in my class because it reinforces some of the topics we are covering in the 6th grade standards. One example is BREXIT. CNN 10 keeps my class updated on what is going on with this situation. I also enjoy that it is made for students rather than adults. It is "kid friendly" and leaves out the adult content. We also do it whole group because the students cannot access it on their one to one chromebooks.

How I Use It

I use CNN 10 in my 6th grade Literacy class each day. I am a 6th grade social studies teacher, and I enjoy keeping my students up to date about current events. My students absolutely love CNN 10 because it gives them the opportunity to discuss these current events with our class. My students also enjoy CNN 10 because Carl Azuz attended our middle school, and they love the puns at the end of the show.