Awesome and Entertaining Daily News for Your Kids

Submitted 5 years ago
Brian R.
Brian R.
East Orange Campus High School
East Orange NJ, US
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My Take

Overall, <a href="">I love CNN10</a>. It's short and its entertaining, and it's an engaging way to teach students about the news without having them read a newspaper. While I love newspapers, these can be a barrier for students who struggle with reading. CNN10 has a great breadth of coverage, and students learn about a range of topics - from foreign conflicts, to natural disasters, to domestic politics. My kids also enjoy the trivia questions, and they routinely call out answers when they appear. They groan at the end of the episode when Carl Azuz does his puns, but it's funny nonetheless.

How I Use It

I have <a href="">used CNN10 in a lot of different ways</a>. Right now, I watch it about once a week with my students. We watch two to three videos on Friday, we discuss them briefly, and students write a summary. Last year, I watched it every day as a warm-up and introduction in class. It would also be perfect for a flipped classroom and a daily homework assignment if you knew that students had access to technology.