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Great for file sharing

My take is pretty much the same as how I use it. It is another way to do what Google Classroom can do, but works better for me because I have iPads and Notability. Without Notability, it would not be nearly as useful.
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Drop Your Assignment Here!

Dropbox supports learning beyond the product by allowing students to build, utilize, and be accountable for their work. My students not only use it for my class, but have found it useful in other classes as well. I use Dropbox to build assignments and create lesson plans that I can access from home and school. This prevents me from having to carry my computer from place to place or having to worry about losing a USB drive. There is also a Dropbox application for the I-phone that I use. If I find valuable resources or items that I want to share with my students, I can simply snap a pic and place it in my Dropbox. Unfortunately, our school has had to resort to a no cell phone policy so using Dropbox allows me to access items without the use of my phone. In my opinion, Dropbox has changed my classroom. It allows my students and me the opportunity to share, save and record information current as well as later use. I am able to save items in my Dropbox and then post them into my learning management system.
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Must have cloud syncing tool

Dropbox is a must have tool for teachers. It stores your data, allows web access, and is free (for the 2 gigs with options to get more through referrals). I use it daily. Also, by adding services to your Dropbox account such as DropItToMe students can upload files to you form iPads, computers, or home. Absolutely a must have tool for teachers to stay organized, share files, and have access anywhere to their data.
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I have used this to upload finished projects to a general class dropbox account.

I like the ability to upload any type of document and share a link to the document with students or colleagues. If you create a class dropbox account students can use it to upload finished documents. This allows for a centralized location to find and store student work.
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Useful cloud tool that can be accessed from tablets, phones, and computers.

I like being able to access dropbox from any electronic device. I have the app on my ipad, android phone, and windows computer. Sometimes there is a lag time between putting something into dropbox from the app and members being able to view it. Sometimes I have to log into dropbox on the web to reset the app.
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Great Cloud Storage program! FOR FREE

I love Dropbox it is a wonderful tool for those of us that have files that we take home with us at night. Its also great because you can send a link to students in an email which will allow them to download the file. It is web based and client based which makes it very easy to upload files no matter where you are.
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DROPBOX - a great product that eliminates the need for flash drives!

As a teacher, I am able to save my work on my school computer and reopen it later on my computer at home. I also consider it extra reassuring that in case the document I was working on didn't save correctly on a flash drive, that I could assess the document from just about anywhere.
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Dropbox - great file storage in the cloud.

The interface on the website is simple to navigate. The plugin for your computer easily syncs files from machine, to machine, to the cloud. Everything I could ever need to access in my files for teaching, I could access from anywhere with an internet connection. Dropbox provides a means to extend the allotted storage space that users receive beyond the basic 2GB through referrals. This allowed me to increase my storage allotment to almost 12GB very easily. Also, with the addition of some third-party apps (Notability,, QuickOffice HD, etc.), the functionality of Dropbox can be improved further.
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Dropbox makes file sharing easy!

I love it! No more confusing flash drives with others!!! Students can upload their documents to the drop box and not have to worry about losing them outside of class. They can access the documents from any computer, tablet, iPad, etc. (with internet access). Instructors have the ability to pull up these documents at home to grade and not have to take any papers home with them.
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Important App

Great app!
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