I have used this to upload finished projects to a general class dropbox account.

Submitted 8 years ago
Steven M.
Steven M.
Gateway Middle School
Monroeville PA, US
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My Take

I like the ability to upload any type of document and share a link to the document with students or colleagues. If you create a class dropbox account students can use it to upload finished documents. This allows for a centralized location to find and store student work.

How I Use It

I created a general account for classroom use so that students can upload projects created on iPads. Often products created on iPad Apps allow for uploads to a cloud based service. Dropbox is a very useful cloud service for uploading any type of document. My only concern has been the possibility of students changing the password. Fortunately, I can easily change it back, because the students don't have access to the g-mail account that I created for this app.