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Virtual Road Trip

I think that the current version allows for some catchy classroom integration. This app allows for applications at all levels of the SAMR model. As described above, it would probably be Augmentation. To achieve redefinition, I would modify the current lesson to have students create a shared map and include relevant locations.
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Easy and free for locations and navigation

This is an easy to use tool that is free and accessible anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. I have removed every map in my classroom as they are not up to date, but Google Maps is always up to date. It is free, informative, interactive, and easy to use. Students enjoy it!
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Love the capabilities of this app and how user friendly it is.

I love using this app with students. It makes maps totally relevant for middle school.
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Where is it?

Overall, it is a fantastic tool to help students identify the location of places that are being studied. The ability to instantly find a place with a search mechanism makes it useful to show a location instantly when learning about events of the past, locations of significance, or viewing geographical landforms form above. Students love these dynamic maps!
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Excellent tool for students with special needs

Although the approachability of Google Maps may not be the best for students with special needs, helping them use a tool that will be exceptionally worthwhile to them is great. It is relatively straightforward enough that the higher functioning students are capable of using the product on their own.
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Great for teaching students about maps!

I think this is a great teaching tool. We are so reliant on GPS technology now, and have shied away from teaching kids how to read maps. Reading a map is still a really important skill, and this is a really cool app that can help students learn to read maps while keeping them interested.
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Great app!

I liked the simplicity.
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wonderful way to help students visualize impact of topography and culture on layout of neighborhoods and cities

Students loved this site and many used it with their individual smartphones to look up addresses of areas where they would like to visit. Very useful tool for students and teachers.
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Students love real maps!!!

This is a great app for people to use to get to places, but it can also be for learning about countries, landforms, distances, and math (speed, distance, rate). I love how it has real data, not a virtual game, so it is directly applicable to life.
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Custom maps extend the learning.

Google Maps is much more than just a tool for directions.The zooming function allows you to see a map view of a location and toggle between the map view and the Google Earth view. Mark up tools are available to indicate places of interest with pin points and icons. There are also line tools so that areas can be outlined and shaded if desired. The mark up can be color coded to correlate similar items. If you are looking for more functionality, try the Chrome app Tools for Google Maps. It will allow you to calculate distances, view the map in full screen mode, and place descriptions from Wikipedia at points of interest. Maps can be shared and embedded via a link.
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