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Dense with information, which is great for many but can be a bit complicated for younger users

Good teaching tool for teachers or to mature students with curiosity in space activity.
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Students love taking part in the lesson, they were very engaged, listening and learning.

I was able to use this program teaching a science lesson that showed the location of the moon and the sun to each other, students were amazed and as we viewed the live cam at different times observations were made and recorded by the students in reference to the location of the sun and moon as they drew pictures some classes.The sounds you hear are alive and it gives great ideas for science fair projects using satellite data of snow and ice. It has resources for informal science educators.
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Great For Spacial Understanding

This is a great teaching tool as an informational component. I would use it to supplement student driven, hands-on activities and allow students time to utilize this for specific pieces of research. This app is great to use for whole class when looking at something that is teacher driven. It is also great to use when allowing students time to research information specifically geared toward an individual piece. This graphics are very good in helping the students understand abstract concepts about space.
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Science app for all!!!

This is a great interactive visual app that provides up to date information on the space/nasa community. Teachers could use this to help supplement their teaching and provide visuals for the students to help secure their understanding of the topic. I like the photographs they use and the fact that they videos, and in-depth knowledge on each mission. I would recommend this app even if it’s for students to explore on their own.
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Fantastic visuals for students learning about space.

NASA provides an abundance of amazing resources for teachers to utilize when teaching about space. The only problem is sifting through the enourmous website.
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Rich with material: High level reading

As textbooks become obsolete, this app could provide what textbooks couldn't: interesting packaging of the information, plus videos and images that seem to come to life upon viewing. The app could also be downloaded on an iPhone, so the information is portable, and location doesn't become a hindrance to reading at leisure, or researching in depth. You could be on a bus ride and have the app in your hands, and so you could also be in outer space at the same time. Isn't that neat?
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Visually Motivating!

Great to look at for all ages although the content is geared toward older students.
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Visually Amazing with a lot of information

This is a great app for astronomy. NASA is always updating the information and pictures that are available. My students loved the visual images that were provided. There is a lot of information to decipher in this app and my ELLs, low literacy, and special needs students needed a lot of help with this app.
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Detailed info. about planets & space; could use clearer labels

The NASA app is a strong teaching tool in that it provides students with an extensive amount of information on everything about space, from planets and asteroids to NASA launch services to satellites and missions. I like that there is such detailed information for each planet and pretty much every other space-related object or mission included in the app. It is a great app to have students use in small groups to conduct research about space, to learn about the planets, and to find out more about the work done at NASA. I wish that that app was a little easier to navigate with clearer labels about what icons mean/do and I think the app could be greatly improved with more interactivity. Students can use the app to read information, look at pictures and even some video but there are no engaging aspects that ask the student to get involved, show/practice their own knowledge or create anything from what they have learned.
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