Rich with material: High level reading

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

As textbooks become obsolete, this app could provide what textbooks couldn't: interesting packaging of the information, plus videos and images that seem to come to life upon viewing. The app could also be downloaded on an iPhone, so the information is portable, and location doesn't become a hindrance to reading at leisure, or researching in depth. You could be on a bus ride and have the app in your hands, and so you could also be in outer space at the same time. Isn't that neat?

How I Use It

A wealth of resources, from images to news articles to videos, most of it catering to the average, above average and higher level readers. The app is used as a reference and the information one can find here is very detailed. Not-so-advanced readers may either get lost in or overwhelmed by the wealth of information, but more advanced readers should do fine. Teacher-guided activities may provide context and motivation to what amount of reading (and image and video watching) may take place thereafter.