Detailed info. about planets & space; could use clearer labels

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Margaret A P.
Margaret A P.
Director of STEAM Innovation
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The NASA app is a strong teaching tool in that it provides students with an extensive amount of information on everything about space, from planets and asteroids to NASA launch services to satellites and missions. I like that there is such detailed information for each planet and pretty much every other space-related object or mission included in the app. It is a great app to have students use in small groups to conduct research about space, to learn about the planets, and to find out more about the work done at NASA. I wish that that app was a little easier to navigate with clearer labels about what icons mean/do and I think the app could be greatly improved with more interactivity. Students can use the app to read information, look at pictures and even some video but there are no engaging aspects that ask the student to get involved, show/practice their own knowledge or create anything from what they have learned.

How I Use It

I have used the NASA app with my students as one of multiple apps they have available to research, explore, and learn more about space. I liked that there was such detailed information about each planet, although for my non-readers, it would have helped if there was a way to have the information read to them. The image section is great because it is updated daily and offers a good opportunities to talk with students about events that are happening in the world and how they are viewed from space (e.g., a recent snowstorm as seen from space). Similar to other parts of the app, I wish the image section had an audio component and used a larger font size. The app is a nice way to expose your students to more space materials and content when you introduce a unit or for more in-depth research with older students (3rd grade and up) but it is not interactive or user-friendly enough for younger children to use on their own.

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