Excellent resource for teaching the Electoral College process!

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The website is nice for information purposes. It brings forth good overall information for all presidential elections. I do think, however, that having more information on each election, specifically more on the background of the candidates would be beneficial. I do like how the major issues/topics that were relevant in the U.S. at the time of the election are clearly outlined. One other observation, although minor. The website does have several ads that can be a nuisance at times, and some of the ads could confuse students into thinking that it can provide them with additional information about the elections.

How I Use It

I used this in my advanced classes as a resource for researching presidential elections. The thing I like about the maps is that they will show the results from each state for several previous elections. Students can see the trends of state voting, perhaps depending on the candidate and the issues of that specific election. For my regular classes, it is an important tool for students as far as understanding how the electoral process works. Students think that the electoral college process is confusing and hard to understand. The maps and information within the maps are great to help explain how the number of votes for each state is determined by the representation that each state has in Congress. After the students were able to review the maps, they seemed eager to learn more on how the voting process overall works, and how electing a president is more unique than other elections in the United States. Some students found the information to be dull or lacking specific detail.

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