If you're attending EduCon in Philadelphia, please stop by and say hello!

Over the weekend, I'll be part of two conversations at EduCon 2017. In the first, I will be part of a group that includes Hugh Culik, Chris Gilliard, and several of their students from Macomb Community College. I had the opportunity to travel to Macomb Community College this fall to talk with the students about their ongoing work, and it was pretty amazing. In the worlds of education and privacy, we often talk about student data privacy, but frequently the conversations stop short of involving students. At EduCon, the students will be discussing their original research on privacy and digital redlining.

In the second conversation, I will be working with Audrey Watters to talk about privacy and security protections that people in K–12 can take and how these protections can be shared among adults working in education and with students and learners. Frequently, security is talked about like an obscure, unobtainable, abstract goal; in this conversation, we will focus on specific, concrete steps people can take. One of the goals of the session is to make security and privacy more accessible to people who don't consider themselves highly technical.

If you're attending EduCon, please stop by and say hello!

Bill F.

Prior to joining Common Sense, Bill started and ran FunnyMonkey, an open source development shop focused on education, open educational resources, and peer based learning. Prior to that, he worked as a classroom teacher for 16 years.