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One Hundred Evaluations, and Just Getting Started

Topics:   Privacy Program
Bill Fitzgerald | October 13, 2016

Since the public announcement of the privacy evaluations in June, we have been working steadily, and the program is growing and expanding. In the last several months, we have continued talking with school districts, vendors, parents, and teachers about a range of privacy related issues. Our district consortium is steadily growing, and we recently topped 100 published evaluations.

As we noted when we first launched, we are just beginning this work. With 100 evaluations published, we are starting to spot patterns across policies, and this allows us to refine our evaluation process. Over the next few months, we will be continuing to grow our list of evaluations, and updating our evaluation process.

In the meantime, people looking to learn more about the work can use and review our process for evaluating software, and the information security primer we assembled to support the work. If you work at a school or district and want to participate directly, please join the consortium.

Over the next few weeks and months, in addition to the work outlined above, we will be collecting up and sharing some of our observations on patterns within privacy policies. Stay tuned!

Image credit: Start by Paul B, released under a CC Attribution Non-Commercial license.