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Enliven lessons and presentations with easy-to-use whiteboard tool

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Pros: You get just enough options to make creating presentations fun and effective.

Cons: This is a "one-take" creation app: You can save a draft presentation, and there's some editing capability, but be ready to get your narration right on the first try.

Bottom Line: An easy, functional way to create presentations on the fly.

Undoubtedly, Educreations is an excellent tool for creating and sharing multimedia lessons for you and your students. Teachers can invite students to lessons with a link they send to students via the app or with a code. You can also email lessons, embed them within a blog or website, or share via Facebook, Twitter, or on the Educreations website. Alternatively, you can view and use the lessons created by other teachers -- on a wide range of subjects -- that they've chosen to make public.

For students, you can demonstrate the app's functionality and then instruct students to use it for class presentations. Teachers can think about using it for assessment as well. Try having students demonstrate how to solve a math problem and explain their thinking as they go. Students can also analyze their written work, marking areas and explaining what techniques they used for effective writing. You'll first want to go over the guidelines for privacy and fair use, since sharing can be public or private and users can pull content from many sources.

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The Educreations iPad app makes it simple for students and teachers to create a multi-page presentation or lesson that can easily be shared with other students, teachers, or parents. You begin creating a whiteboard-style slide by adding images from the choices in the drop-down menu, or by writing (choose a color and finger-write or type using the on-screen keypad). You can move around to resize images and text, as well as draw directly on the images, and there's no limit to the number of slides in a presentation. There's also an option to record audio over the slides, as well as some simple video editing tools. Users can save, categorize by subject, and share their presentations.

With the free version, users can save one draft presentation at a time and paid users can have unlimited drafts in progress: Drafts allow users to begin working on one device and sign in on another to continue. This is a great feature for classrooms that share iPads. Paid versions also allow teachers and students to import presentations, web pages, maps, and documents from Google Drive and DropBox. Of course, once they're in the app you can draw over them. In addition, the paid version offers more storage, sharing, and download options.

The best part of Educreations is that it's easy to use while still providing enough options from which to source and use content, add audio, and display images to create highly engaging, descriptive lessons and presentations. Your lessons and your students' presentations will be much more engaging with prerecorded audio, images, photos, and fun colors that help highlight points. 

That being said, using Educreations means you and your students have to be organized. It's great that you can save a draft now (a big feature that's available in some similar apps), and the audio recording feature has some limited editing capability. Still, Educreations overall has fewer features than some other apps, most notably Explain Everything Classic. While these more lightweight features might frustrate some users, Educreations is still a powerful tool, especially for students: As long as users have gathered the information they want to include before they start, creating a cool presentation can take only minutes. And after all, it's never a bad thing for students to learn the power of planning ahead.

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Both the lesson creation and social sharing experiences are engaging and fun. The clean design minimizes distraction and allows greater creativity and freedom.


Users must organize information before they start and experiment with ways to create and share presentations, making this a great exercise in planning ahead. For help (or fun), you can watch lessons posted by others. 


A simple help/FAQ list is available, but the app is very intuitive and many users may not need it.

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Amazing Board Drawing!
This app is a great tool to use, besides using a regular white board in the classroom. I like the feature of the screen being recorded as students work. This feature allows for teachers to see what students are doing, which cannot always happen when there are 25 students in the classroom at one time!
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