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create visuals for science

The lesson is closed because of quarantine, it is intended to be used online to teach children
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Fun interactive whiteboard and screencasting tool

It took about 1 class period to have students login to set up each student account tied to my class and begin getting familiar with it. After students were familiar with it, they were ready and wanted to work collaboratively on videos to help other students that needed step by step directions on solving math problems. The students that needed help really liked that they could go to our class library to view student created videos on the math they were working on. I liked that the advanced students were taking initiative to get creative on solving math problems in as many ways as possible to share with others and that lower students didn't just stay stuck with math problems or come straight to the teacher for help. They went to the class library that we created for student created tutorials. It really got all students, whatever their math or technology abilities might be, motivated to use it for their own learning needs. The only critique I had was when I had a problem with a student's login credentials, it took the company about 1 week to get back with me on it. I thought it might be a little quicker than that, the student had to wait around not being able to use it while all of the other students were excited about using it in class and at home.
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So useful

I think this is a great teaching tool. It can be easily adapted to fit any student's learning needs.
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Amazing Board Drawing!

This app is a great tool to use, besides using a regular white board in the classroom. I like the feature of the screen being recorded as students work. This feature allows for teachers to see what students are doing, which cannot always happen when there are 25 students in the classroom at one time!
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Great for the whole class!

I really enjoyed this app, as it tapped into the students' creativity and allowed them to use the app tools to gain experience with technology and further advance their motor skills. The app was easy to use and understand and would be perfect for any and all learners in your classroom.
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Easy learning!

Overall, I believe that this app has a lot of potential and can be very useful in the classroom. Educreations was easy to use and very kid friendly, definitely something that students could use at home to further their education and understanding of topics that may come off as confusing.
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Great visual learning tool

I feel this can be an effective learning tool if you understand all of the features that go along with it. I feel it is useful and can replace a white bird, also students can add pictures, audio, and writing to their blank page.
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So easy a Kinder student could use it!

Great for most gradelevels. I would say that even a Kindergartener could use it!
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Multi-faceted app that is user-friendly with endless possibilities both in and out of the classroom.

Using this as an interactive teaching tool proved to increase the excitement and engagement level of the students as well as allowed me to be able to assess students without them feeling as though they were under my watchful eye.. Students also continued to ask to use it beyond the initial lesson because they could share with me their knowledge, without feeling like they were on the spot in front of their entire class. Adding a new dimension to their ability to express their understanding of material became motivating for many of them, which is a sign of a great teaching tool to me!
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Great way for students to learn about something through teaching!

It's a FANTASTIC tool for students to create and share what they've learned. Very easy and engaging, my students are always asking to create lessons after they've learned new concepts.
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