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Easy-to-use, real-time monitoring, feedback, and assessment for 1-to-1

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Pros: Ability to interact with and adapt instruction to individual students in real time opens up many possibilities for use.

Cons: Will not work without a Wi-Fi connection, and file uploads are limited to images and PDFs.

Bottom Line: It's a great option for teachers who want to go paperless, provide specific feedback, and encourage collaboration among students in 1-to-1 classrooms.

There are so many ways teachers can use Classkick -- from embedding resources for future review to asking higher-order thinking questions to using text and scribe features to work out math problems. Science lab instructions are easily laid out in step-by-step slides, giving students the opportunity to demonstrate learning at each step. Or go even further and create a virtual textbook where students can read information and take notes or add links they can reference later. Take advantage of teachable moments by adding in questions to check for understanding in a lesson. Identify students who are struggling, and give them assistance without alerting their peers. Alternatively, encourage peer teaching by having early finishers answer their classmates' questions. 

Differentiation is easy with opportunities to collect student responses via writing, drawing, uploading images, or recording audio. Visual feedback in the form of stickers -- or audio feedback for students who prefer to listen -- gives teachers a chance to meet individual student needs. Want students to be the teachers or have a bit of fun? Pair Classkick with a tool like Explain Everything to allow students to create their own slides and share with teachers for a collaborative book of poetry, review lesson, or fun content-related memes.

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Classkick lets teachers create and share assignments, monitor students, and give feedback in real time as students work from iPads or computers. Teachers can create rosters via class code, manual entry, or Google Classroom. Upon signup, teachers have access to a free Pro Trial and have the option to learn the features through a guided tour of videos and sample assignments. From there, teachers can search and modify others' assignments or use the Add Assignment option to create their own lesson from scratch or via PDF import. Each assignment consists of a series of individual slides, which appear on the dashboard. Teachers can add images from the device's camera roll, key in text, add files, draw, paste in a web link, or record audio on each slide.

Students are able to access assignments as soon as teachers share them, and teachers can see their students work as they add images and text, draw, add links, or record audio or video responses. Students needing assistance can use the Please Help and Please Check features to get assistance. Teachers can write or type directly on the slide or create customized feedback by awarding points, providing additional content, or adding stickers to help guide students quickly without distracting others. Alternatively, students can offer each other feedback if teachers enable the Allow Peer Helpers feature on their own dashboard.

For all that it offers, Classkick is surprisingly simple to use, with a clean user interface and lots of details that make it especially user-friendly. For example, color-coding of rosters and assignments given to each class or group provides an at-a-glance overview of which students have which assignments, and customizable stickers make it a snap for teachers to provide personalized, real-time feedback. Since students and teachers have exactly the same capabilities for writing and importing images and recording audio, it offers a nice way for teachers to differentiate instruction and promote student collaboration. It will be important for teachers to create thought-provoking assignments that dig deep; if they don’t, the tool runs the risk of becoming a digital worksheet.

Lots of apps are out there that help teachers go paperless; Classkick's biggest strength is its real-time progress monitoring. While Classkick doesn't offer instant feedback, it does offer instant help, making this a tool that truly empowers teachers, allowing them to build positive relationships with their students both in person and digitally. While this would be a great tool for solo homework, the hand-raising feature makes this app an especially good fit for the classroom or for e-learning days in cases of inclement weather. Whether kids are working solo or in groups, Classkick is a great way for kids to be able to get attention and support from their teachers and peers when they need it most.

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Opportunities to give and receive real-time feedback, along with a variety of interactive features and response options, make this an engaging tool all around.


Real-time monitoring, immediate and customizable feedback, and collaborative features help teachers support kids how and when they need it most.


Excellent built-in tutorials, intuitive design, and attention given to different learning needs make it easy for users to explore and get started.

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Marianne Rogowski Instructional Technology Facilitator

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OWEN J. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
Great tool for giving recorded feedback.
Classkick is great as it makes monitoring, giving assessments easier. Also, I can very easily provide voice or recoded feedback. Not the most appropriate for an essay. Teachers cannot download as a word doc; this would help when preparing for bulletin boards.
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