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Pros: Students can import content from multiple sources to use in their presentations.

Cons: Fewer features than the subscription-based Explain Everything Whiteboard app.

Bottom Line: While this app lacks the options of the full-featured Explain Everything Whiteboard app, teachers and students can still make powerful presentations.

Teachers can use Explain EDU to create visually engaging presentations. Upload these presentations to your preferred cloud-based storage and share them with your students so they can watch them when needed. This app is a fantastic option for teachers who use a flipped classroom model. Of course, having students create presentations can be a powerful learning experience as well. Students can record themselves talking about a favorite passage using video or audio.

Explain EDU can be a powerful assessment tool. Give a math assessment where students solve a problem and narrate their thinking. Easily import open source pictures of animals and have students circle and describe the different adaptations they see. Students could import one of their written pieces and annotate it, explaining their writing technique. While any student could watch a presentation with the app, creating is probably more readily done in third grade and up. Even then, older students will need time to learn how and when to use all of the features.

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Explain EDU (formerly Explain Everything Classic) is a presentation app for iOS. It integrates content from many sources that teachers and students can use to create lessons, tutorials, and more for class or personal use. This formidable tool is like a superhero version of PowerPoint. Users can import photos, PDF files, movies, and more from iTunes, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, WebDAV, and so forth to use in a presentation. Naturally, you can also add photos or videos right within the app. Explain EDU was designed for schools with iOS-only deployments and those who may need to purchase it via Apple's Volume Purchase Program (VPP).

The app can also be used as a whiteboard with the iPad video display. Tap on New Project and choose a blank project screen or import from one of many sources (you must enter your username and password information for that source on the linking screen). A white screen with tool options stacked on the left side appears, and users can begin to import content, write, and record audio for the presentation. Finally, save (it also autosaves) and play back the presentation. Users can edit specific sections of a recording without having to redo large portions of the presentation. There's also an option to subscribe to real-time collaboration and cloud storage capabilities found in the full-featured Explain Everything Whiteboard app. 

Your students can learn crucial 21st-century skills with Explain EDU. They can learn how to present information using multiple forms of expression (images, text, video, and audio) through digital technology. They can also learn how to convey messages effectively as they choose which social media accounts to link with and how to use that content responsibly. Explain EDU can help students (and teachers!) take presentations to a new level.

The differences between Explain Everything Whiteboard and Explain EDU can be confusing. While both are appropriate for classroom use, Explain Everything Whiteboard has some incredibly useful features that Explain EDU lacks. Most notable among these is that Explain Everything Whiteboard is available on Windows, iOS, Android, and Chrome OS. This flexibility allows students and teachers to work on presentations from multiple machines. Explain EDU also lacks the ability to collaborate by connecting to a partner's presentation and working on it in real time. Also missing is Explain Drive, which provides cloud storage space for each user. 

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Using social media and other content that can be imported from a variety of sources or created right in the app, Explain EDU helps students learn by making presentation creation fun.


Teachers and students can learn how to present information via multiple forms of expression: images, text, video, and audio. They'll learn about digital creation by explaining their writing, narrating their thinking, and more. 


Students will learn to use the many features on this app via a clear, detailed tutorial/help section and in-app prompts.

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