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Terrible app with much neglection

As someone who has used this app for three years across three different grades, it's not very good compared to other platforms I've used. Classkick will clutter up quickly, with the inability to remove classes from one's roster, even if your student has not been in that class for years upon years. The drawing tools are mediocre, which has a disadvantage to art classes, the site itself crashes often, and it's quite frustrating overall.
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One of the best app for online educations

My opinion on classkick is that it is very useful for students to finish their homework on time and also educate them about communication.I loved classkick because it made all of our work easier and the students understood about what to do.The students improved so much since the pandemic started
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Great tool for giving recorded feedback.

Classkick is great as it makes monitoring, giving assessments easier. Also, I can very easily provide voice or recoded feedback. Not the most appropriate for an essay. Teachers cannot download as a word doc; this would help when preparing for bulletin boards.
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ClassKick makes giving real-time feedback to your students easy!

ClassKick quickly became one of the most used apps in my math classroom. Using it everyday could become boring for students, but using it once or twice a week for individual practice seemed to be just the right amount. I liked how easy it was to add content to the slides and that students are able to get to the assignment quickly with an access code. I did have some trouble with the roster in that unlocking the roster allows for students to type in their name with a variation. For example "Annie" and "annie" could both be on the roster for the same student. Locking the roster helps with this, but students must login the same way each time. Being able to write with the drawing tool or use the virtual stickers made giving feedback pretty quick. Keeping up with all the students, especially in a larger class can present a challenge. If many students were virtually raising their hand, it was sometimes difficult to get to everyone. Within the app, you can enable students to give feedback to each other, but this requires some guidance from the teacher to the students on how this should be used. If you allow students to help each other, students are able to write on each other slides and could become a distraction if not addressed before enabling this feature. I liked that all assignments are saved in the teacher dashboard which is easy to navigate. Reliable wireless is a must for this app. While I used ClassKick in a math classroom, I could see it being used across content areas.
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Classkick "kick started" my students journey into differentiated lessons, personalized learning, paperless assessment and gives students quicker feedback. Students are engaged. It has transformed the way I teach and how my students learn.

Classkick is a creative tool and teachers/students are only limited by the extent of their creativity and passion. I have longed to differentiate instruction in practical, efficient ways for over a decade and now I have the tools to do so and BONUS I am saving time! Classkick has been a transformative tool for my teaching practice. I like the simple, dependable interface and the quick turnaround time the team at Classkick provides and the more I use it the more applications I come up with. I like that I no longer have to make paper copies, keep rack of them, distribute work back to students - it has made my kindergarten class almost paperless. My students and I enjoy the ability for quick turnaround and response - they actually look forward to seeing how I have graded their work (I annotate or add digital stickers)/ I love that when I am doing progress reports I simply take a look at their work in Classkick from my teacher dashboard or look at key assignments that I captured (screen capture) and placed in their Seesaw Learning Journal. Currently Classkick only works on the iPad but later this month (May 2016) they are launching a web based version - this will allow more to use it, i.e. to complete, review, check on assignments they have done or started in class and make this product even stronger. The recommendations I have would be: 1. Include audio tool for student to record when working in an assignment. 2. Allow for folders to sort assignments for both teacher and student 3. Be able to tag work for quick reference 4. An undo feature 5. Line tools and easier way to copy and paste when creating worksheets within Classkick. This is a solid, dependable, easy to use (both teacher, student, family) tool that I think is a MUST HAVE for all digital classrooms.
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Good tool for on the spot accommodations.

I love how quickly I can accommodate for kids. I can just snap a picture and upload it. There isn't a lot of room to write, so I break assignments up into smaller questions, one screen for each one. I appreciate being able to see their work on my screen. It's perfect for morning work so students can work at their own pace. It's been nice to eliminate daily worksheets and the students keep working since they like doing it on iPads.
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