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School Friendzy

Differentiate and collaborate with math-focused organizational tool

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Pros: The videos are an engaging way to review content, and the collaborative features encourage kids to strive for success.

Cons: There are video lessons for a range of topics, but math is the only skill covered by the built-in standards-aligned activities.

Bottom Line: An effective way to organize and differentiate assignments, particularly for math.

Teachers can use School Friendzy to create and post assignments, check assignments, and run detailed reports to check students' progress. There's a bank of math practice and word problems, or teachers can add their own assignments by downloading a PDF or taking a picture of the assignment. Assign remedial work for students who struggle with a particular skill, or match students up with a tutor for extra help. Encourage students to use the collaboration tools, such as the message board and peer tutoring. However, be sure to monitor students' use of these features to make sure they are being used appropriately.

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School Friendzy is a collaborative learning system for teachers and students with a strong focus on math. Log in to view five options at the main menu. Students can complete assignments and quizzes created by their teachers, search for tutorial videos that cover a range of subjects, complete math problems individually or in competition with other students, and participate in conversations with other students on a message board. Teachers can also access all of these options, as well as another option that allows them to create and check assignments, register and manage students, and manage tutors. One of the collaborative features of School Friendzy is that it allows students to see how their classmates answered a problem correctly and then rate the correct student's explanation. 

School Friendzy is a great learning and organizational tool for two main reasons. First, it allows students to collaborate when they complete assignments: They can check other students' answers and/or request tutoring support. Second, it allows teachers to run detailed student reports and assign remedial work as needed. Although teachers can easily add their own assignments from textbooks or other resources, there are only math practice problems built into the program. It would be great to see more skills practice problems that support the content of the tutorial videos within the Resources section. Pricing information is not easily accessible, but if the price fits within the budget, School Friendzy might be an engaging way to differentiate assignments for students. 

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Videos and interactive practice engage kids, and peer collaboration is an excellent motivational tool.


A unique feature allows kids to learn from other students by viewing (and rating!) their solutions, and peer-to-peer tutoring creates a highly supportive learning environment. 


All features include a brief explanation, and many include helpful tutorial videos.

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