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Math Chimp

Quality varies in collection of Common Core math games and resources

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Pros: It's a helpful place to locate, submit, and rate Common Core-aligned math resources.

Cons: The quality of resources varies greatly, and some links are broken; activities may require further evaluation.

Bottom Line: As a potential time-saver for teachers on the go, the site points you in the right direction but leaves you to evaluate each link.

Math Chimp could be well-used to enrich your existing math curriculum with easy-to-find resources for students. The site can also be a stop for teachers when searching for Common Core-aligned math activities. If you're looking to support specific learning objectives, it's a helpful place to find resources, from simple worksheets to videos for a flipped classroom.

Teachers could also use some of the resources to help with targeted differentiation. Since each activity is linked to a specific grade level and Common Core standard, you can assign videos and activities to support and push students in areas where they may need extra practice. A good number of the resources could make for homework assignments or extensions. Giving students a vetted list of links from Math Chimp could help provide them more choices in their learning path.

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Math Chimp is a free, crowd-sourced directory of math games, videos, and worksheets that align to the Common Core standards. The resources listed on Math Chimp are generally hosted on external sites; Math Chimp organizes the resources so they're easier to find. In addition to searching for resources, teachers can add resources to the site and align them to Common Core standards. Each resource listing includes a screenshot, URL, Common Core correlation, and a rating provided by other Math Chimp users.

The site is designed to house activities for grades 1-8, across all Common Core standards. Almost all of the videos are from Khan Academy, which has its own easy-to-use search tool. User accounts are free and easy to set up. Once logged in, users can submit activities, rate the existing ones, and keep track of favorite resources. They can also flag content that may be miscategorized.

Math Chimp's directory is a great way for teachers to locate a variety of math resources on the fly. However, because the site's five-star ratings are crowd sourced, teachers might have to spend some extra time vetting the activities. Will the resources work with the technology you've got available? Does a linked game actually meet your objectives? Are the links valid? Teachers should ask themselves these questions before turning students loose on the site. Because the quality varies among the linked resources, it's best to review and narrow the list of resources you'd like your students to use.

Overall, the site is simple to navigate, with a relatively uncluttered interface. Since searching by grade level and Common Core standard is easy, students could use Math Chimp on their own to locate sites for additional math practice. Unfortunately, some of the links don't work properly, and there isn't an easy way to report these issues. Also, the quality of resources isn't the same across all of the standards. The site could be more useful if it included a more specific rating system, link validation, and a more student-friendly interface.

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Easily search for games, videos, and worksheets by grade level and Common Core standards. The site is well-organized and offers a rating system for math content. The engagement for each site will vary.


Having a collection of so many resources in one place is great, but each site varies when it comes to helping kids learn. Some activities prove to be highly educational, while others aren't as great.


Since users are sent to external sites, no unifying goals or data tracking are available. Links to worksheets are provided for some basic, offline learning support.

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Nathan P. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
Great potential, fantastic looking, needs to get better, but can still be useful.
This is a great looking website that attempts to be a one stop shop for games, videos, worksheets and more for grades 1-8. It is aligned to the common core standards, which is nice, but still needs a lot of work. At first glance, I got real excited at the setup and thought it would be a fantastic website. Once you start clicking on the links, you find that it is not always the case. I found that a good number of the video links were either empty or the link was broken. The excitement was quickly re ...
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