Teacher Review for Library of Congress

Access to invaluable resources right from your desk!

Shannon M.
Media specialist/librarian
Yorktown High School
Yorktown Heights, United States
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How I Use It
I have use the LOC to introduce students to primary source documents, to help them with their research, to introduce them to Copyright. I have used "Today in History" articles, the "American Memory Project" and many other features. My favorite lessons involve using the American Memory Project to explore topics like racism or advertising based on primary source documents. Students are fascinated to see images and listen to speeches from different periods in American History.
My Take
The Library of Congress has an invaluable collection of materials, as well as resources to help teachers use the resources in the classroom. From Primary Source Documents, to pod casts and inter-actives, the Library of Congress is a resource for every classroom. At times, the site is difficult to navigate, but it is well worth the mild frustration. I'd recommend bookmarking specific content you want to use with your students. Because the content is so vast and varied, it is hard to pinpoint a specific favorite feature. The best thing to do is explore what it has! Many resources have suggested lesson plans, and the LOC has added the functionality that shows you which learning standards, including state and Common Core, are being met.