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Complete and entertaining typing program for all ages

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Pros: Thorough K-12 curriculum, attractive interface, and very powerful back end for teachers and admins.

Cons: Long list of lessons might intimidate some students, not designed for individual users.

Bottom Line: A perfect typing curriculum implementation for schools or districts.

Teachers can use EduTyping in any of their K-12 classes, including mixed-age classrooms. Since it includes two distinct levels of curricula, there's no need to worry about boring older students or moving too quickly for younger ones. The site comes ready to integrate with your Student Information System and is easy to deploy across a classroom, school, or district. The teacher dashboard includes very easy-to-use and powerful classroom management and grading tools. There, teachers can also set letter grade equivalents and typing speed and accuracy goals and benchmarks for students.

Teachers can also make and share their own custom lessons, tailoring the lessons and tests to their own classroom goals. This is the perfect opportunity to teach your students about another subject they're learning, or about an upcoming school event. Since access from home can be enabled or disabled, teachers can use this feature to assign homework. Once students finish the curriculum, their licenses are transferable to other students; a purchased license includes free live webinars to learn more about the software or to get training on how to use it, as well as free technical support via email or phone. 

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EduTyping is a comprehensive K-12 typing curriculum with content at two levels. EduTyping, Jr. is intended for the elementary level, while EduTyping Secondary is for middle and high school students. Both levels include an extensive array of lessons, reinforcements, timed tests, and other features to gradually step students through sequential typing lessons. Both levels also include interactive games to extend the learning and reinforce lessons. Students are graded in real time as they type, which gives immediate feedback on their WPM typing speed and their accuracy. After each section, students receive a WPM and accuracy score, as well as a typing duration and a star score. Once the basics are learned, practiced, and reinforced, students tackle the practice library, which includes interesting, content-based paragraphs.

Both levels include badges to be earned and plenty of immediate feedback. The site also keeps track of problem keys for each student, allowing targeted practice for just those keys in one-minute timed tests. Students can see their progress and rewards on the My Progress page. They can also choose from six colorful, themed skins that update the graphics on the screen, such as Superheroes or Under the Sea. Both levels have six interactive games for more typing practice, along with plenty of timed assessments. Additionally, EduTyping, Jr. includes a Tech Readiness unit that teaches technology basics, such as parts of a computer and how to use a mouse, as well as cyber citizenship. Once students are done with the curricula, teachers can print certificates of completion for them. 



Since EduTyping is a comprehensive and very thorough typing curriculum, it starts students out with the very basics, beginning with the home row and continuing on to typing meaningful paragraphs in very gradual steps. Students learn new skills regularly, practice previously learned skills, and do periodic reinforcements for their lessons. This keeps their fingers limber and their skills up-to-date. Once they learn all the keys on the keyboard, the program transitions to content that will likely be relevant to their interests, such as current news stories.

Since the student experience can also be customized by the teacher, students can be forced to not use the backspace key or pause button. Additionally, teachers can create custom lessons and timed tests for students who might need a lower or higher literacy level, or for those who need other kinds of content. Overall, the EduTyping site is easy to navigate for both students and teachers. The lessons and tests, along with the teacher dashboard, are attractive, well designed, and extremely easy to use. There are so many customization options that this program could work in just about any educational setting.

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The clear and colorful interface pulls students in to begin their lessons, and the available skins, games, and gentle competition keep them working hard. More advanced lessons include interesting content that will appeal to students.


Students learn to type with practice and repetition. With small steps set as the default, teachers can customize the lesson path to allow more advanced students to skip ahead, or make custom lessons for students who need alternate content.


The website guides students on what to work on next, but also allows them some freedom to skip around and play typing games. The site gives teachers and admins extensive support for customization and tech help.

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Natalie A. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
Wonderful and easy to use product for keyboarding teachers and students!
The teacher settings in this product are very useful. They allow me to adjust content for my students, monitor their progress, and administer my own custom typing tests in addition to the ones that are already pre-programmed on the website. It is an extremely useful keyboarding tool and I plan to use it in the future!
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