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Top Fractions Apps and Websites

Helping students to pin down fractions concepts early is one of those hurdles in math that reaps huge rewards later. These apps, sites, and games represent the best resources for introducing fractions, leveraging visual learning strategies and interactivity to help students understand what fractions represent, how to compare and estimate them, and more.

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Gracie & Friends Lemonade Stand

Interactive games thoroughly address small, focused learning goal

Bottom line: Games do a nice job of providing practice with a very specific early math principle; they work even better as part of a whole teaching unit.


Engaging supplemental resource encourages conceptual understanding

Bottom line: A fun and engaging conceptual supplement for math lessons with easy-to-find standards-aligned activities.

JumpStart Academy Math

Adaptive classroom math tool offers individualized lessons, fun games

Bottom line: JumpStart Academy is an individualized game-based curriculum that can take the work out of indvidualized instruction.

Khan Academy

Missions boost learning with balance of focus, freedom to explore

Bottom line: A solid resource for Common Core math instruction as well as foundational knowledge in a number of other subjects.

Fruity Fractions

Stellar tool builds rock-solid foundational understanding

Bottom line: A stellar way to dig deep and give kids an excellent intro to fractions.

Slice Fractions: School Edition

Clever twist combines math instruction with engaging gameplay

Bottom line: A fun, innovative way to help kids build a strong conceptual understanding of fractions.

Fraction Mash

Face mash-ups plus fractions equal goofy, meaningful play

Bottom line: Math-flavored goofy fun is great for casual exposure to fractions, but will need thoughtful integration if used as a dedicated learning tool.


Phenomenal adaptive math games with a killer teacher dashboard

Bottom line: Fantastic tool for flipped or blended classrooms, formative assessment, or extra practice in any setting. It's gamification that really works.


Swipe and cut shapes in simple, visual fractions game

Bottom line: This fun visual game will help students practice with fractions.

Motion Math: Fractions!

Interactive play, clear visuals, scaffolded feedback enhance learning

Bottom line: Kids will find this a fun and creative way to learn about fractions.

Fog Stone Isle

Fun virtual world builds deep understanding of fractions

Bottom line: A 3D world that uses adaptive computer manipulatives and multiple representations to help students retain important fractions concepts.

Visual Fractions

Basic but clever visual fraction exploration better than it looks

Bottom line: Clear, clean, and creative visual presentation of sometimes complicated fraction concepts can be a great classroom asset.

Visual Fractions Decimals and Percentages

Cool modeling tool helps kids grasp difficult concepts

Bottom line: This easy-to-use, interactive fractions tool supports learning concepts that kids often struggle with.

Woot Math

Woot! Woot! Truly adaptive lessons support concept building

Bottom line: A top choice for stand-alone instruction or remediation on fractions, ratios, and decimals.

Fractions, by the Math Learning Center

Unique whiteboard tool lets teachers and students model fractions

Bottom line: There are many whiteboard tool apps, but this one helps students compare, calculate, and represent fractions in a visual way.

ExploreLearning Gizmos

Vast array of science and math simulations impresses

Bottom line: This powerful set of math and science tools puts the learning in students' hands.

5th Grade Math Planet – Fun Math Game Curriculum

Practice and build fluency with engaging games and fact drills

Bottom line: A fun, engaging practice tool that targets important fifth-grade math skills.

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