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Top Assistive Technology for Speech Difficulties

These assistive apps and sites help students with speech difficulties or disabilities communicate. Many leverage the mobility and visual, touch-based interfaces of phones and tablets and use sound and text-to-speech to give kids a voice. There are also picks that help students express themselves creatively and build storytelling and narrative skills in concert with speaking skills.

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Top Picks


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Speaking and Speech Assistance

Speech Journal

Audio wed to images for multiple learning/teaching goals

Bottom line: Journal is easy to use, but sharing option is weak.

Articulation Station

Pricey but definitely worth it for kids struggling with pronunciation

Bottom line: For helping students with letter and word pronunciation, this highly valuable tool is worth the cost.


Wh- questions taught in concrete ways for kids with language delays

Bottom line: A solid, if basic, approach to teaching question words and concepts to students with significant language issues.


Type in your script, watch quirky animated figures bring it to life

Bottom line: With a good amount of customizability (including six languages), students (and teachers) might appreciate having a quirky, fun tool to change up videos and presentations.


Brilliant tool helps kids with speech difficulties communicate

Bottom line: The price is hefty, but Proloquo2Go carries its weight by providing students and teachers an effective, one-of-a-kind communication tool.


Give kids a voice with supportive, quality text-to-speech tool

Bottom line: It's easy to use, and the multiple settings and functions make this app well worth the price.

Storytelling and Creation

My Story School eBook Maker

Sleek platform is a great artistic tool, intro to digital creation

Bottom line: This is a great and accessible option for getting kids telling stories and introducing them to digital creation tools.


Fabulous tool can help kids create social stories

Bottom line: Pictello is a great way for kids to create social stories that can help them find their unique voice and prepare for internal and external struggles.

CAST UDL Book Builder

Sensitively designed so any student can write and share books

Bottom line: CAST UDL Book Builder is an excellent resource to get kids started on digital content creation; it's simple and straightforward and caters to a variety of learning styles.

Common Sense Selection

Book Creator

Magically easy way to create and publish digital books and multimedia

Bottom line: This is a top-quality creation tool that lets students of many ages and abilities publish their own digital books.

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