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Climate Change Resources for Students and Teachers

Our students face a future of increased global temperatures and rising sea levels. They have no option but to grapple with climate change's consequences and to consider what a more sustainable future looks like. However, climate change can feel complex and overwhelming, even for adults. That's why it's helpful to break things down into a set of causes, effects, and solutions. The tools on this list do just that. There are resources and lesson plans for digging into data on everything from CO2 emissions to population density, analyzing environmental and ecological systems, and understanding renewable energy and conservation. With these resources, students can reckon with the realities of climate change and feel like a better world is possible.

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Common Sense Selection

National Geographic Education

Top geography resource site provides global exploration opportunities

Bottom line: This is a must-bookmark site for classrooms across the curriculum hunting for inspiring place-based resources.

California Academy of Sciences

Expert research and diverse, rich lessons inspire future scientists

Bottom line: A perfect companion to (or substitute for) the Academy, this site delivers highly interactive resources and research with a lot of depth.

Earth Rangers

Kid conservationist's paradise with great images, vids, animals galore

Bottom line: Great ecology lesson plans and videos are rich with engrossing animal goodies, but the accompanying games don't teach much science.

Climate Kids

Kid-friendly, expert site explores key climate issues

Bottom line: A great launching point for engaging in accurate and timely climate change information.

Google Earth VR

Explore the world with an incredible new perspective and sense of scale

Bottom line: An amazing experience that brings the world to life, despite the heavy investment in VR required.

SDGs in Action

Empowering sustainable development app organizes, educates

Bottom line: It's a well-packaged way for teachers to educate students about the current challenges facing the world and to give them a conduit for social justice.

Tuva Labs

Dynamic data-exploration tool offers large collection of data sets

Bottom line: Partner with another teacher (preferably a data whiz) and work together to develop cross-curricular activities.

The Explorers

Eco-minded app's quality visual content might inspire deeper learning

Bottom line: The wide range of cool content is sure to fascinate students, but teachers will need to make sure that interest leads to deeper learning and research experiences.


Captivating catalog of biodiversity with great classroom resources

Bottom line: Powerful images and videos capture kids' attention and make them want to learn more.

JASON Learning

Excellent immersion in science community; digital tools could do more

Bottom line: Despite a few shortcomings, it's a gem among science sites because of the way it brings professional science into classrooms.


Awe-inspiring nature resource places importance on our planet's future

Bottom line: For learning about how animals survive on a changing planet and about possible solutions to threatened ecosystems, bioGraphic is a stunning and informative place to start.


World habitat app full of intriguing visual comparisons, useful data

Bottom line: This biome reference app helps students get local when understanding their planet Earth.

Climate Pursuit

Challenging climate survival game teaches strategy, awareness

Bottom line: For an engaging one-off lesson in what it takes for species to survive rising temperatures, Climate Pursuit is a compelling and quick option.


Enticing display of climate data updated regularly

Bottom line: There's a lot of potential in this visually stimulating resource tool, but teachers will need to do some serious legwork to make the data meaningful.


Earth's deep geologic history and real science data at your fingertips

Bottom line: An unbeatable Earth Science app for its data, scope, and potential for learning.


Environmentally-minded city sim models sustainable building.

Bottom line: It carves out a useful niche in a popular genre, showing how city planning, technological development, economics, and quality of life intersect with sustainability.

High-Adventure Science

Highly relevant site teaches how to construct arguments, defend claims

Bottom line: Provides a crucial and timely earth science backdrop to lessons on analysis, data, and modeling that are important for all students to grasp.

KQED Education

Excellent multimedia learning hub supports both teachers and students

Bottom line: For those willing to dig around, the site is an exceptional place for both educators and students to find inspirational digital media resources.

NASA Global Climate Change - Vital Signs of the Planet

Tons of climate change info from expert sources in one easy place

Bottom line: This is a one-stop shop for climate change info, from basic intro content to practical guides and raw data; good for middle schoolers and up.


Online science, mastered: exceptional content within meaningful tasks

Bottom line: Serious, sophisticated science engagement -- but be prepared to take some prep time to connect these labs with your classroom.

Our Climate Our Future

Relatable climate change resources empower youth to take action

Bottom line: This free, high-quality resource is a one-stop, self-contained series of lessons on the effects of climate change, what causes it, and how to fight it going forward.

Proven Sustainable

Globally minded materials spotlight the wisdom of resilient cultures

Bottom line: This is a valuable resource, with perspectives often kept out of curricula, but it'll require a motivated teacher to turn it into actual lesson plans.


Collect and share class data, pictures, and videos

Bottom line: Works within Google Classroom to help kids record and share observations of the world around them.


High-quality multimedia brings biological research to life

Bottom line: Superb multimedia tools and lesson plans help kids explore biology through real-world examples.

Climate Science, Risk & Solutions

Comprehensive climate change facts visit history, offer solutions

Bottom line: This sophisticated resource covers climate change thoroughly, but may not be accessible to all.

Global Oneness Project

Captivating, cross-curricular stories increase cultural awareness

Bottom line: Teachers looking to enrich their curriculum with high-quality, thought-provoking videos and photos will find plenty of inspiration, but may need to create or fine-tune some lessons.

Fate of the World: Tipping Point

Complex global-influence game in which players’ choices rule the world

Bottom line: Complex multi-issue game succeeds in teaching world politics and global development while building perspective and decision-making skills.

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